Sep 5, 2015

Frontier Texas: Touring Texas With Mr. Wheeler in his Howard Hughes Cadillac!

Mr Wheeler on the left talking with the Frontier Texas Folks
They were extremely nice and helpful

Today we were in for quite a day.  Mr. Jimmie planned a day of sightseeing for all of us.  I was thrilled and his wife was so proud that he had made these plans and wanted to go.  He wanted to show us around this state he loves.  We are in the Heart of Texas!
He said we were going in style in his favorite car his Howard Hughes Cadillac!  It is in pristine shape I must say and fully loaded.  A true classic.  We did ride in style!
I share in videos and a few pictures because I forgot to charge my camera battery.  Wouldn't you know it and today was touring day in Texas with Mr. Wheeler!  I did find enough to give you a glimpse of this first stop in our tour. I recommend that you watch the short videos they are filled with fun facts!  Frontier Texas here we come!

We enjoyed Buck Taylor from Gunsmoke fame in the fantastic video!  Watch some of it below!

We enjoyed all of the exhibits.  The video room which seemed to come alive in all directions. It was great!  One that touched me personally was the story of the buffalo bones and how in such a short time the buffalo were wiped out.

Chuck did manage to get this for me on his phone.  
Magnificent to see in person!

Buffalo Hide Trade credit

Winners and losers involved in the frontier's first economic boom.  The discovery that buffalo hides were suitable for industrial leather created an industry that transformed frontier Texas.  Soon after the Civil War, eastern capitalists ordered as many buffalo hides as could be supplied.  Hunters responded, first decimating the herds on the Northern Plains, and then coming after the millions of Texas buffalo.  A government treaty protected the Texas buffalo for Indians, but hunters ignored it.  The military "looked the other way" as the loss of buffalo would force the Indians onto reservations.

 Texas buffalo were killed out in less than a decade.

photo credit

After millions of buffalo were killed, buffalo bones covered the prairie.  It was said that you could walk the 15 miles from Abilene to Buffalo Gap on buffalo bones without touching the ground.

I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Frontier Texas, especially with my new friends Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler. Please take the tour if you are ever in Abilene.  There is a lot of history and these exhibits make it so interesting.  Like a great book where the characters come to life and jump off the page for you to see. I encourage you to visit!

Frontier Texas showcased 100 years of settlers. cowboys, buffalo hunters, Indian culture of the time.  You must go and see it for yourself.  I can't tell you enough about it videos don't convey how good it is either.  All I can say is visit in person to get the full affect!

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the American Indian.  We had Longhorns that hung over our fireplace as well as Indian tapestries and needlework on the walls of our great room in our home. 

When the buffalo were gone that left the range for cattle.  The video explains it well!
I of course love Cowboys! Read about Cowboys and Longhorns here!

Speaking of cattle look below at these real life Cowboys that were together in 1923
Mr. Wheeler's Family and Friends

1923 These cowboys were moving a herd of 1800 steers
The cook standing behind the table with pans at the back is none other than Mr. Jim Wheeler, the father of Mr. Jimmie Wheeler.  Seated facing camera to the front of Mr. Wheeler between the two standing is an uncle of Mr. Jimmie's.

Mr. Jim Wheeler (Jimmie Wheeler's father) Standing Center
seated to the left is an uncle of Jimmie Wheeler's

I hope you've enjoyed this little part of Texas shared here.  We had a full day of tours and it amazes me how Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler could travel so well.  They are in their 90s and a true inspiration to me.  I was rushing through the exhibits in the museum thinking they would tire easily.  How crazy because they outlasted me!

Check out my last post about how I met this living WWII Veteran Hero and friend of my Dad's.  You can read all about it here in What are the Odds?
I'll be back soon with more about the family and our touring of Texas.

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  1. I love Texas! We lived there for 6 years! Wonderful State with so much to see! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Ginger Dawn,
      We did so enjoy our trip. The sightseeing was fun but the main purpose of our visit was to meet this man and his family. We just love them!

  2. What a wonderful and memorable trip, Dolly!!!! Wow! I am so glad you got to meet this man and his family. What a blessing! Missed you and I will be back blogging full time in a few days- xo Diana

    1. I am too it was something I had wanted to do for a year! It is a blessing and one I will never forget. I have missed you too my sweet friend and look forward to seeing you back up full time! xoxo Dolly

  3. Dolly, I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed this post. Now I want to make a trip to Texas and see all of this for myself. It's so interesting. What a fantastic trip this must have been for you.

    1. Oh Kim it was such an unforgettable time. First of all to have been toured around by this man Mr. Wheeler who is quite the character given information from him and then on to the sights...I'll never forget this trip! I can feel my daddy smiling down on us and could the whole time! Yes I do recommend that you visit Texas!