Oct 3, 2015

Touring Texas: Jimmie Ray's Appaloosas

Today in South Carolina we are soaked with lots of rain and flooding from the weather and Hurricane Joaquin was lurking in the sea.  We are having extreme levels and closings because of the flooding, but I'm thankful that it didn't hit land. 

Looking back through the Texas pictures I found these and wanted to share some sunshine and horses with you today!  Take a look at Jimmie Ray's beautiful Appaloosas!

You can tell he spoils them because they are so very gentle. Jimmie Ray has a gentle way about him and is so good with his horses.
I asked him if I could come in if I were careful not to come up behind them and he told me that it wouldn't matter if I did.  Yes, that is how calm they were.  

I love the coloring on these and wish my photography were better.  Sometimes you have to get the shot for memories if nothing else.

Chuck and Jimmie Ray talking horses

This one appears shy and I was wondering what the horse was thinking.

Look at the expression on this one's face!
It looks like it's saying, "Are you looking at me?"

"I do believe you are looking at me."

This is the day we toured the farm, and then toured all around West Texas!  What a fun filled day!

So pretty and sweet every one of these Appaloosa.
I wished we had more time I would have loved to ride them.

Look at how immaculate the stalls are!

Susie and Jimmie Ray have a beautiful farm!

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  1. Such beautiful horses. Too bad you didn't get a chance to ride when you were there.

  2. Those are gorgeous horses. Do you think you will get back to see the couple again sometime? I think it is so wonderful that you connected to them at all. Those stalls are SPOTLESS!
    Yep- too bad you didn't get a chance to ride--but at least you saw them up close. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      I hope to see them again. They are a wonderful family. I guess this blog is a journal of sorts for me that I am sharing with the world.
      I hope to find the time this Winter to read that book of yours I know it is great, because you are an excellent writer!
      xo Dolly

  3. I do miss living in Texas. We try to visit once a year! Beautiful photos!