Oct 7, 2015

South Carolina

Our state and what a state it is.  I'm so proud to be from South Carolina!  Are you proud of your home state?  I hope so.  

I truly feel blessed to have been born and raised here.  We South Carolinians are a proud people.  We're proud of our heritage and pass it along so others will know.  We are not ashamed of our past because our ancestors helped to build that past.  We grow and learn from the past.  What a wonderful thing to have a past that we can build on. Others will look at these days and hopefully learn from our mistakes. We all make them, but do not be ashamed of your roots, ever!  

This past week has been something else.  We here in South Carolina have witnessed and been a part of one of the worst weather patterns.  I sit here now and read about what and how it has affected us.

Flooding of which hasn't been seen in our state for over a thousand years!  I know I've never seen this much rain and so quickly in my over sixty years on this earth. 

We now are dealing with the extreme flooding of rivers and damage to some of the dams.  We have damage to land, businesses, homes.  People are losing everything.  I pray for all and this will affect us for some time to come.  

We don't know the extent of damage we will suffer, but one thing is clear we care about each other!  We will be there for each other!  Isn't that a blessing?  To know that others around you no matter how they suffer will be there for you and others.  South Carolinians will go the extra mile to help that is how we were raised or maybe it is just pure instinct.  I'm not sure but I know that most of us have it.

I've not heard of any looting or rioting, no mass hysteria, no purposely destroying property, no harming others.  I am grateful and proud of something that is usually the norm around here. 

I did hear on the news one report of a family that had to be evacuated from their home.  They had to go up into their attic and push out the vents and holler for someone to rescue them.  They were rescued and survived thank God.  They were able to come back home and found that someone had broken into their home and had stolen items.  How sad is that? It breaks my heart.  What did they say?  They said, "This is so heartbreaking but at least we all survived, that's the most important thing".  I agree that was the most important thing.  I know they will rebuild and carry on, because that is what we do here in South Carolina.

My heart and prayers go out to all involved.  This has been a tragedy and I am so sorry for all of the loss.  May God bless you all my fellow South Carolinians.

We will sit around the kitchen tables or on our porches like our grandparents of the past.  We will talk of the flood in detail and our future family and friends will know of the flood of 2015.  We of course will do this while enjoying each other and wonderful food.  That is what memories are made of.

This map reminds me of just a couple of weeks ago.  My little "Brainiac" was making a map of South Carolina for school.  It was fun to watch and see him learn the different sections of our state.  He did a great job too!

Look at that smile!  He is proud too!

Thank you God first and foremost for looking out for and taking care of us.

I'd like to thank all involved and continue to be involved with rescuing and fixing the problems that are arising with the flooding.  The First Responders that includes everyone!  

Let me say this Thank You to All who have and are continuing to donate and sending help it is appreciated and we won't forget your generosity. There is just too much to mention but a great big thank you to all involved!

People will rebuild all will return to normal and we will survive and be oh so proud of our state.  
I am so proud of our state South Carolina!


  1. Oh Dolly, I am so very, very sorry for your home state. It is so sad to see that happen to anyone. 1000 year mark. Who would have ever thought? I am so happy that you are safe as are those you love and keep close to your heart. Your grandson is just precious. What a handsome little boy he is! I know you are so proud of him. xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      Thank you so much and yes we are fine! Oh Phillip will like that sweet compliment! Love ya

  2. Dolly, I know first hand how devastating flood waters can be. I am keeping you in my prayers. XO

    1. Hi Kim, I'm sorry that you do know about floods and thank you for the prayers. XO