Oct 9, 2015

Randall The Cowboy Poet

You probably already know that Chuck and I took a trip to Texas in August. We went to meet Mr.Wheeler who fought and survived a shipwreck in WWII with my daddy.   I'll add links at bottom of this post for you to see if you haven't.  Today I want you to meet one of his son's Randall "Randy".

Randy is a jovial fellow and a very good sport.  He had barely sat down when I started taking pictures of him.

One of my first thoughts was "He's Santa Claus!"  I found out later that he had played Santa many times.  


He is a Texan, a Salesman, a Missionary, and a Cowboy Poet!  Yes, I said that right a Cowboy Poet!  His mother told him I'd love a CD and she was right. He's very good but doesn't sell his CDs.

I made a collage of some of the pictures I had taken.  The first one on the left is of Randy quoting some of his Cowboy Poetry.  We thoroughly enjoyed that.
I had to get a picture of his boots didn't I?  He does sell beef so indeed he is a modern day cowboy!

Randall and his wife, Kayla go on Missionary Trips yearly!  Their home is filled with very interesting artifacts and photos of those met along the way.  It is quite interesting to see.  Their home is filled with history. I regret that we didn't get to meet Kayla that day.

His father said "Come with me Dolly, I want to show you the biggest closet you've ever seen!"  He was right.  It was the biggest closet that I've ever seen!  You could put my living, dining and foyer into their closet! Well everything is bigger in Texas and I believe it!
They do have a beautiful home in fact the entire family have beautiful homes and property.

Randall has huge pieces of what I call artwork scattered throughout the property, well I didn't get to see all of his acreage, but from what I did see.  Large iron works and other materials I'm sure of animals.  It was beautiful and some whimsical.  (Again I didn't have my camera on this day the very day that we went on all of the trips! darn it!)

He is quite the character like both his mother and father.  We really enjoyed meeting him!

Mr. Wheeler has quite an awesome family!

April 11 2022 RIP Randall
May God bless and keep you and your family in His care.

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  1. Don't you just love people like that,Dolly? They are bigger than life and leave an impression on your heart that you will never forget. He looks like a good ol' boy and as happy as a clam. God bless his work! xo Diana

    1. I do Diana! Yes God bless his work. So glad to have you with us again we've missed you dear friend! I have a few more posts and Texas will be a memory until hopefully another visit. I guess you can tell these people are extraordinary!

    2. I agree with Nana Diana! Bigger than life that bring lots of joy! I love the photo of the boots! Great post.

    3. Hi Ginger! You two put a different perspective on it and it's true. I like that Bigger than Life! Thanks!

  2. You need an I phone so you'll always have a camera with you. Now I guess you'll just have to go back and visit again. :-)

    1. True! You're right Kim and I guess we will have to go back again! Good idea! Thanks!  All kidding aside I wish I had the pictures of the closet and the sculptures on his property! Oh and the pictures of people from all over the world with the artifacts!...Sure do!