Dec 14, 2015

Product Review: Ohuhu Gardening Tools

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A while back I was sent a few gardening tools to use and review.  I say awhile back because it was quite a while back.  Here in South Carolina we have been so wet for so long especially in some areas.  Hibiscus House is rather low in spots so it has been almost impossible to do any gardening of any kind.
The weather has for the last week been like Spring and Summer so I did venture out for a little gardening.

 Finally dried out and look at the grass and weeds I need to deal with!
It should be a lot easier with this handy kneeler/seat.

I find it to be very sturdy.  One Amazon reviewer fell and I'm sorry for that but you need to make sure you have a secure spot when placing the seat.  I had no problems with it.

Showing detail 
There is a spring with bar that you push or pull to release legs 

I have to say I was impressed when opening the box that this item was already put together and ready to use.  All you have to do is pull it out snap into place and use.  I love the cushioning and the fact that you can use it for a seat as well as a kneeling pad.  

 See in the kneeling position.  All you do is turn it upside down, as simple as that.  I love the legs function as handles to get up and down as well! 

This Garden Kneeler came with a bonus tool holder.  The tool holder has velcro for attaching and detaching easily, depending on the position you decide to use your kneeler/seat.

A back view of the tool holder with the velcro
(look at my crocs I have worn them out got them at L.L.Bean years ago) 

The front view of tool holder 
Ohuhu 3 Piece Softtouch Garden Tool Set
Amazon Link Here

I really like the tool holder it makes it very convenient to have what you might need right with you when gardening. Click on the link above for more information.

 Detail of tools/handles
You can see I have lots of gardening to do around here and these tools are making it easier.

The Tools are extremely sturdy.  They have an easy grip handle which makes it a lot easier on the hands and no matter how long you are using them they are comfortable to hold and use.  I really like them.

Product Review
Approved by me
 Both the Ohuhu Products perform well!

Amazon Link Here for Kneeler the tools must be out of stock for the moment.

4.7 stars out of 5 for ratings of 133 people
You can find out lots more information at the Amazon link above

It has a weight capacity of 332.69 Lbs. so it holds quite a lot of weight.

I love the rustic look of my garden cabin may leave it a little longer before painting

Thank you Gabriel of Ohuhu for the very useful products!

Disclosure:  I do product reviews here at Hibiscus House and the other blogs I own.  Some reviews I pay for and like or want to warn you if something falls short for me.  Other reviews such as this one I have been given the products for review.  My opinions are my own as always.


  1. It's a lot better than my plastic cheepie one. I like that it is assembled and looks very sturdy! I have trouble kneeling so a garden seat would be a good choice for me.

    1. I'll just tell you I love it and the tools! I didn't think about it at first turning it over to sit on it..I was just using it to kneel down and weed then it hit me crazy girl turn it over and sit on it too for those higher containers. I have the other kind too trouble is I wear them out in a month the way I garden when I am on a roll anyway. Some people on the Amazon site said they used the kneeler/seat in the house to do things I'll bet that would help some who can't stand or stoop...

  2. Looks like a wonderful product. I don't do much gardening anymore or I'd be all over this!

    1. They really do help. As I get older I just don't like to bend while working for long periods of time so this gives me a break...