Jan 18, 2016

Our New Trunk

I ventured out last week and found this really cute trunk.  Temporarily I am trying it out in the living room as a coffee table, although not sure if that is where it will stay.  Don't you just love the color?  I sure do and that is what sold me on it.
I've been searching for an antique trunk for years and have been unsuccessful in that search.  The room is very small and needed a small trunk.  Most of the antiques were in such bad shape and extremely large.  This little trunk is pretty but not sturdy so I will store lightweight items in it.

I suppose even though I love traditional decor 
This home has an eclectic style
Quite the mixture of pieces
Antiques, Modern, Traditional, Farmhouse, Cottage etc
I find what I like, store it and eventually it will be used in some way or another
If not I will give it away for someone else to use.
The mirror hanging over this sofa once hung in another home of mine in the bathroom.
It is an extremely heavy piece but has held up well over the years. 

The trunk was made in India
Oh by the way we are really enjoying the rug
Love the color, the feel and the way it ties everything together in the room.

The top is a little wavy but that's one of the charms of the piece.

A look inside
The tag says it is not for use as a toy box, and keep children away.
We are grandparents and do have a few toys but I have the perfect place for them
I found this place at Christmas time while making room for the tree.
It is in a very little used bathtub we have
Yes, you get creative when you have to.
I absolutely love the color of this trunk!

Like in The Wizard of Oz "Ignore that man behind the curtain" 
 I say "Ignore that plastic tie on the trunk"  
I forgot to remove it when taking the pictures.
Do you see that beautiful throw on the sofa?  I know you do.
I'll tell you more about it later.

 I like the rustic color on the trunk's hinges

The blue Feather and Down pillows on the sofa I found at an outlet in Santee, S.C. a few years back. 
The outlet has all but closed down.  I keep saying I'm going to take a short ride to see if that shop and the antique shop are still there.

 I had them in the craft room because I just didn't know what I'd do with them.  I was going to use them as pillow inserts for a quilting project for the moment I've changed my mind.
I love the down sofa and pillows!
Everyone wants to take our white sofa home with them!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the new trunk and I'm glad you stopped by.
I don't claim to be an Interior Designer
I buy what I love, mix and match things new and old.
My Mama must have rubbed off on me some because she was that way.
Maybe she was a little more creative than I because she did some outlandish and memorable things.
Different textures, subtle colors combinations that is what interests me.
In my younger years I had and loved very strong vibrant colors, in my kitchen I had red counter tops and bright greens and blues.  I've had my days of strong color but they were too vibrant.
I now like as my girls say, "Mama you like white, off white,light and dark beige, tans" "Boring!  "
I like a room that looks good but also functions as a most comfortable, peaceful place to relax in.
This trunk will serve as a place to store throws pillows and so forth because you know I will be lounging in there.

Until next time,


  1. I love the trunk - especially the wood. Just beautiful.

  2. We have a couple of old steamer trucks from my grandmother. I have one in the girl cave and would have liked to top it with protective glass but it is not flat. I'm glad you found one that was perfect for you!

    1. That sounds interesting the old steamer trunk. You have a girl cave you lucky girl! Thank you.

  3. Wow! What a find. And that throw is beautiful! So happy for you to find this.

    1. Thank you Ginger! I really don't want or need a lot of things but every now and then I see something that strikes my fancy and it is fun to share!