Jan 22, 2016

Pom Pom Throw and Bird Nests

It is cold outside, freezing as we speak!  Snow and Ice hammering the Southeast for sure.  I hope if you're able to that you stay inside where it is warm and cozy.  
Today I share this wonderfully soft Throw and other tiny things in the living room.  

It is like a big cozy sweater!

Look at the big pom poms!
I do love different textures!
Subtle as some are they do make a difference.
Here the fluffy knit texture with pom poms on the throw,
the slick fabric of the blue pillow cover, and the chenille on the sofa.

Doesn't that look comfortable?

A nice cup of coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa so many choices. 
Add a good book and this down filled sofa with the luxurious throw, you'll have all you need!

I have to say that my throw is the dreaded "Dry Clean Only" 

You know I love to garden and while enjoying the gardens I find pretty nests.  Some have been abandoned, so after a good length of time I will take the nest.  I spray for insects and air them out on the front porch for awhile.  

This is one I had stored in the garden cabin.  I hate the little birdies didn't hatch but the eggs are pretty.  The children like to look at them.

The leaf dish on the table is a beautiful gift that I'm really enjoying.

I did break down and buy the Downton Abbey Book.  
It is a pretty book and goes to a good cause, PBS

Simple things found in nature are the most beautiful!

Until next time,

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