Jan 25, 2016

The Blue Bowl Among Other Things

I found this beautiful blue bowl not long ago and didn't know what if anything I would put into it.  It seemed to be a good fit in the new blue accent color of my living room.  You remember the trunk and throw posts recently this is another of the simple style of our room.  Join me won't you.

The color shows a little darker in my photos.  The bowl is a very beautiful and handcrafted in Portugal.  I love things that have a story behind them even if it is only where and how it was made. Don't you?  

I left the sticker in on purpose.  Now, take a look at the most beautiful collection of seashells!  I got them from a friend who does collect the most beautiful.  She sells them if you're interested you can find Kim at her Etsy Shop Snug Harbor Bay.

I found the handcrafted basket at a local antique store.
It has a sturdy solid bottom,  I really like it.
I don't know what I will use it for it has traveled from the kitchen to the living room so far.

The basket is pretty large, I won't leave it here.  It has been holding magazines.

The bowl, a clear vase with narrow top I love because it makes for an instant floral arrangement for faux or live flowers, and a robin picture given to me over 10 years ago by one of my wonderful bosses.  I store things that people give me and eventually they will have a home in one of the rooms. Call me sentimental because I am, if someone gives me something I tend to keep it forever or until it is damaged beyond use.  I intend to bring down a few of my antique books to add to this little collection here on our antique drop leaf table.

Close up view of the Robin
Isn't it so very cute?

I of course love live flowers in a pinch faux come in handy.

The picture is "The Story Book" by William Adolphe Bouguereau 1877

The trunk in front of the yellow sofa.  We're still enjoying the trunk.  Do you see the picture hanging over the sofa?  Chuck says that she follows him everywhere he goes and is eerie.  I like her and frankly she favors me as a child with the naturally curly hair.  We have an aunt who thought it was a portrait of me, that's how much we favor.

The sconces hanging on both sides of the picture were a wedding gift to Chuck and me in 1972.  The votive holders are green (my favorite color).  I left them because I have green area rugs still in the dining room and foyer.  
I do think green is my new neutral.  It is a color that blends well with every other color.  When used in rugs it is as if they are as natural as grass under the feet.  

This is a golden pillow with beautiful embroidered roosters.
You know this chicken loving lady loves the pillow!

Until next time,


  1. That blue bowl is gorgeous! I like it with the shells in it and I really like the shells in the vase. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Kim and I love the beautiful perfect shells you find and I get to enjoy!

  2. The bowl is so pretty with those interesting shells in it! I love the pillows too.