Mar 26, 2016

Menu Ideas For Easter

Easter is tomorrow!  Worshiping our Lord, what a beautiful celebration.  Family and friends gathering together.  Children in their Easter Best hunting eggs.  Joining together to eat and enjoy each others' company.  Today I share some of our favorite Easter items on the menu.

Our kitchen Dolly is Cooking is no longer online.  I've been mulling around the idea of combining all websites back into this one for easier handling of all.  Everything here in one spot, decor, gardening, recipes, designs and creation. 

A few of our favorites!

My Baked Ham Recipe
The ham recipe was one of the most searched for on the cooking website.

Baked Ham, Turkey, and Fried Chicken are a tradition with our family.  That way when we all get together it can last the entire day and into the night.  Plenty of food for all no matter how many people you have.

I've been told that I make the best Fried Chicken ever by many people.  My face is blushing and I am smiling.  That is quite a compliment.  People that have been in my life for years have told me when seeing me again, "I can't get your fried chicken out of my mind, and it's been 30 years"!  Yep have been told that by many.  The funny thing is I don't make a batter, I don't use egg, I use flour and a few seasonings that's it. The simple recipe will be in the cookbook.

Potato Salad, Boiling Farm Fresh Eggs Tip, and Deviled Eggs

I like to talk about simple southern traditions and some or most of those traditions center around wonderful delicious meals.  Potato Salad and Deviled Eggs are certainly a favorite.  

Talk about a southern tradition and Macaroni and Cheese is a must-have.  I love this simple homemade baked version and hope you will too.  

Vegetables, of course, we have them and lots of them! Whatever is freshest from the farmers' market, on the grocers' shelves, whatever we choose from our canned and frozen goods at home.  That is a smorgasbord for sure!  We love plenty of vegetables and salads!

Carly had this really cute lamb cake pan and filled it with a delicious pound cake.  She used her talent for decorating and created such a delightful Easter Cake. She is making one for tomorrow and we can't wait.

I wouldn't call cheesecake a regular traditional Easter Menu item but we love it at any time so sharing this today.  I have lots of cream cheese and cracker crumbs at the moment so it will be on our table tomorrow.  This is a very delicious recipe!

Recipe here
This is a favorite cake to be served on Easter and it is especially delicious with Baked Ham.  All I can say is that if you haven't tried this very Old Fashioned Cake you are missing something!  It is absolutely delicious!

The Pig Pickin' Cake is something that is easy, light, and airy!  I love this cake!  You will too.  Give it a try.

There are many other menu items that could be added but I don't have the time because I need to cook and clean.  Easter is tomorrow!  Happy Easter All!

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