Jun 17, 2016

Roses Survive

The white rose garden stood in water for quite a while with South Carolina's record flood.
Although not in their best ever blooming they still bloomed their little heart out.
Today's post will be in pictures only

Photos Taken 05-04-16

Photo Taken 05-07-16

Photos Taken 05-09-16

Younger White Rose Garden planted in Front 2014-2015

I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of the White Rose Gardens.
I was just thrilled that they survived after sitting in flood water for such a long time.
The blooms came on very slowly this year but left quickly with high wind and rain.
Unusual short lived flush of bloom but what a blessing.
Climbing roses do quite a number on picket fences but they are so worth it.
Now, I need to get out there and trim back so they will keep blooming until frost.


  1. The rose bush that could! I am amazed at how some plants thrive after floods and hail.

  2. They were beautiful, and love the fence. Too much upkeep for me though.

    1. Hi Tonia, I thank you and am very grateful they have survived but they are the same roses in my blog header so they were stunted. The fence as you can see needs to be replaced now. I don't want to invest the time and effort into painting the old one because I'm beginning to thin the paint was the only thing holding it up! ☺