Jun 15, 2016

MaryJane's Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Today I'm talking MaryJane's sheets.  I purchased these sheets and they had sat in the linen closet for  awhile.  It seems I'd gotten into a rut, using the same sheets over and over again.  Washing and putting right back onto the bed.  When I buy something that I really like I tend to keep them new for as long as I can.  You know like your grandmother or mother in law who always kept a nightgown and a bed jacket new and clean in the closet.  They always told me they had to keep those things clean in crisp condition because what if, Heaven forbid, they had to go to the hospital?!  Did you see how I snuck that in? That is a little Southern Tradition there. I'll tell you another at end of post. Funny stuff, I got off topic, today I share these wonderful sheets in a product review.  Join me won't you.

View of linen closet

Do you know of MaryJane Butters?  She is an author of many great books and of MaryJanesFarm Magazine, organic farmer, environmental activist, food manufacturer.  Plus she is FarmGirl Sisterhood Originator and my FarmGirl Sister and I admire her have for a long time.

Have you seen MaryJane's Organic Sheet Sets?  Don't you just love the envelope or bag that holds them so prettily?  I sure do, that along with the fact that they are made from organically grown cotton. I like the fact that even her packaging can be recycled or reused.  If I don't put my clean sheets back into this envelope you can bet this neat organic cotton item will be used or sewn into something very usable!  I can't wait!

I love to see cotton in the fields but now cringe when they plant in front of me because they do not grow organically and I don't believe it is good for us or our environment.  This product is 100% Organic Cotton and what's not to love about that?

Cotton is my all time favorite fabric!  You probably know that if you follow.  

The next thing I noticed is how soft and luxurious they felt right out of the pouch.  Oh I could not wait to sleep on these soft comfy sheets.

I washed them and put them on the bed right away!  We slept on them last night and I can tell you from the moment we slid into bed we could feel complete comfort!  Soft, restful comfort.

We had quite a thunderstorm last night so we were awakened several times, even the electricity went off with beeps throughout the house to stop and fix.  A few hours later and current was back on. With all of this we still slept very well.  As a matter of fact I slept better than I had in several nights, even with the storms and etc. Woke up late today too!

*I will say that we have one of those extremely large thick mattresses with pillow top and these sheets were a little hard to put on.  That might be a good thing because at least they might stay on the mattress better.

Product Review Results for now and will update later if need be.


MaryJane Butters

MaryJanesFarm Shop Here Should you decide you would like your very own sheet sets or maybe
another fine product.

Click this link to find out a little more about MaryJanesFarm

Our local Belk Department Store carries MaryJanesFarm Bedding

I promised you another Southern Tradition this one is a little embarrassing so  shhhhh 
Secret that all southern mother's shared: Always wear clean underwear when you go out, I mean what if you get into a wreck?! 
I wonder did it matter if they were dirty at other times, and is that what you'd be worried about if you got into a wreck??? 

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Disclosure:  I purchased these myself and as always my opinions are my own and always honest.


  1. I wonder if she will come out with a cotton print? Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Kathy, She has in our local Belk store comforters, shams, decorative pillows and I just don't know about printed sheets. I do know that every collection she does feels fabulous and the colors are beautiful. I might have to ask to see.

  2. Never seen them in Louisville. But I have a vintage 3/4 size bed and fitting sheets are not to be found. I guess I'll eventually try and make some.

    1. The Belk Department has a few stores in Kentucky but don't know how close they are to you. I see your dilemma with the 3/4 size bed....I know you sew and evidently do extremely well so one day you might just have too..I understand most everything I make is sold or given away as for this household I seem to do without. Trouble is my girls do too..:( I need to remedy that. Do you just tuck under or use flats? I'll bet that is a pretty bed.

  3. Replies
    1. I like them and have slept really great on them this past week. They are so comfortable that I find myself wanting to go to bed earlier than usual.

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