Aug 6, 2016

Cowboy Party Continuing: Summer Heat Simple Party Activities & Bubble Mixture

Hello All!
I hope you're finding a way to stay cool and hydrated with the summer heat.  This post is a continuation of Chuck's 'This Ain't My First Rodeo Birthday Party'.  We had a semi-small group of family and friends here to celebrate.  The problem was it was so extremely hot with record highs in humidity!  Whew, my problem was what to do with children and adults to entertain?
Hibiscus House represents simple in whatever the topic so the same was true for this party.  We ate from a very simple but delicious menu and found what shade we could.  Some ate inside, some on front porch, some outside.

Look at the precious littlest one saying grace and all of these happy although red hot little faces!

Trying to stay cool!

Younger visiting with their grandparents [who are getting sleepy with the heat]


Perfect, Simple for 100 Degree Hot and Humid Weather!

They are enjoying!

We had 4 one for Adults only under the tent to put our feet in to keep cool!
Whew it was one hot day and that really works!

Kids playing with water hose is a life saver.  It really was so we adults had one too that pretty much ran constantly keeping us cool.


Yes, even I was amazed that they jumped to get in line to see what game we were going to play with this tiny garden sprinkler.  I thought "What the heck am I going to invent on the spot for them to do?  They are so excited"!
So I gave each one a clear plastic cup.  Made them wait their turn and the competition was to see who could collect the most water in their cup.  
They loved it when I told them to walk on in the stream of water and to make sure they stayed in that burst of water that was moving at all times. 

John filling them, Chuck and lots of kids waiting and watching.

Oh my goodness what fun they were so excited they wouldn't leave the small pool where the balloons were being filled!  I really like those they are so much easier to use than the old water balloons of the past!  They fill so quickly too!

There are a good number of them attached and you just place it on the water hose where they quickly fill tie themselves off and then fall off for use.

Balloon Warfare 

I can tell you the big guys look to have suffered way more than the little ones! Torn shirts soaking wet and children happy they had bombed the big guys!

You can find the balloons:
3 PACKS OF 100 That is how many I bought and they worked quite well and more than enough for this crowd.
They had lots of fun!

I thought this would make for a good sign for the Bubbles!
Kept it in the Cowboy Theme!

Bubble Station

Just stir to mix
Amazon has Glycerin.
**Be Sure to Use Dawn Ultra** 


You will need an empty clean plastic water bottle for each person.
Some open weave netting such as shown here.
Masking or Mailing/Packaging Tape 

Take a pair of scissors and cut the bottom off. These bottles had a few lines around the bottom so I just chose the top one of them and cut around with my multi use scissors.  That was easy enough.

I used the netting from a bag of onions that I had in the pantry.  Sit the bottle on top and try not to waste anymore of the netting than you need.  Cut around bottle leaving room to pull the netting up all around the bottle bottom.

Tape the netting to the bottle securely catching all of the netting pulling it snug but not too tight.  Tape this twice.

Fill a large container with enough bubble mixture to cover bottom well. Place your bubble bottle bottom in bubbles. Remove and blow for lots of huge bubbles!

When finished please recycle the plastic bottles.

Look at the fun!


That boot was huge and it took a lot of candy and toys to fill! The kids and adults wanted to open that burlap bag of gold. I gave them some gold and silver [candy coins] before they left, along with Sheriff's Badges and shiny rings.

Look at this bunch

Cowboy and cowgirl hats, Carly helped me pick them out and they loved them, the big ones as well as the little ones.

Chuck aka 'Birthday Boy' has a turn at whacking the boot. He and the older ones so wanted to hit this thing hard, but they gave the little ones a chance. Then they busted it to pieces! You know all of the kids enjoyed this!

Sitting and resting

What a day! Simple, busy but Simple Party Ideas. Do you see the smiles everywhere? I saw many that day!

I was so tired I forgot to give Chuck his present or card.
So you know I've already given him 'Gunsmoke' and 'Wanted Dead or Alive'
I gave him 'Rawhide' 
I feel a marathon Western Watching Time coming up!

If you didn't see or want to revisit the party theme itself 



  1. That had to be the best party ever. I loved everything about it!

    1. I wish you could have been here with us! Thanks Kim.