Aug 7, 2016


Fresh flowers, fresh vegetables can anything be any better?
Today's Topic is "Simple"

You know the last posts were on the subject of Chuck's Cowboy Birthday Party.
This was the only floral arrangement, if you can even call it that, used!
I'll tell you every guy that walked by it said something about it.
They liked it they really did.

A few fresh cut Zinnias placed into a small glass Coca Cola bottle.

I mean how simple is that?
I like the old Hoosier cabinet with a past that became my future/past
You can read more about the Traveling Hoosier here

How simple can country farmhouse decor be?
Check out the fresh tomatoes over on the Hoosier.
They have now been eaten, cooked and some canned for later days.
You know the days when the stores sell things that they call tomatoes but have not flavor at all.
Enjoy what is in season for the very best!

I love Zinnias!
My Mama Dot did too!
You might want to see her flower garden shots I captured on our last walk of them together.
No Zinnias in these shots they weren't blooming at the time.
Her gardens were beautiful and so was she.
Dot's Red Garden link Here

Did I wash and save that Coke bottle?  Yes I did!
My Daddy Carl used to drink a small Coke...memories
You've probably seen this pic of me as a toddler holding one
Somebody placed in my hand....hmmm..wonder who?

I did a post several years ago about 'Simple Living'
Where I shared an old farm tenant house that we lived in for a few months.
Now if you want to see simple at it's best click Here

I believe that the best and most memorable things in life are the 'Simple' things!
God's beautiful gifts that surround us.
A loved one's face.
The twinkle in someone's eyes
A precious smile
A garden walk
Your pet's love and happiness.
Watching the birds fly all around
Looking at the most beautiful blue sky
A starry night


  1. Love being simple. It is a real beauty to live like this!

    1. Hi Ginger Dawn,
      I believe it is true! Not that we can't enjoy more luxurious things as well! Makes us enjoy all!

  2. We live a simple life and are simplifying even more. Getting rid of all the junk we have accumulated in the last 28 years. Selling it off or carting it off. Your closing remarks are what I believe in too. Can't wait for the real life to get here and enjoy the simple things in life forever.

    1. Hi Marsha! It is so good to hear from you. I know me too.