Oct 28, 2016

A Hurricane, A Wedding, Canadian Family Visiting,Fresh Flowers & Blanching Butter Beans in October!

We certainly have had quite some weather in South Carolina, a hurricane and it has been unseasonably warm.  I'm not complaining about the warmth mind you because I love it! We have mosquitoes here that seem the size of dragon flies!
More importantly my youngest married, we have had wonderful visits with family from Canada and those here that we haven't seen in awhile. I just can't believe that I'm cutting fresh flowers and it is the end of October. I found some delicious fresh green butter beans (lima beans) at McLeod Farms. We are awaiting repairs on the house as well.  We are still so much more blessed than some who have suffered much more.  I will be glad however to be able to move the cooking pots and buckets out of the room that has a massive leaky roof...well that and my closet...

Yes the upstairs looks as if the hurricane came inside and blew everything into the hall and other rooms.  I think we will appreciate it when things can be put back to normal. Well I'll say maybe better than normal.  I'm Spring Cleaning and some of these things need to go either to a new home or recycled somehow.  Organizing ahead for me!

Today I am enjoying a little beauty that surrounds me.  I hope you are too! 

These roses are just gorgeous!
I can't believe they are still blooming.
The little loner Marigold and Zinnia are pretty as well.

I decided to twirl this vase on around so you could see these little beauties.

You can see the different varieties of roses in one vase.

These are very delicious for late season beans!

You know I blanched and put some into the freezer!
We'll enjoy them for a little longer while we eat fresh greens soon!

While in McBee we bought some beautiful late season broccoli!

Apple Crisp, don't you just love it?
I sure do and this is not for the friends on a strict diet, because it is filled with butter & sugar.
Delicious?  You bet!
I'll share the recipe soon.
Maybe some of the after wedding photos!

Watch out for the little ghosts & goblins that may be out this weekend or is it Monday?
Have a great weekend!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your wedding pictures!!!! Ummm...I think you are FALL cleaning though and not SPRING cleaning...unless you are talking about SPRINGing a leak made you do it! lol
    Hope you have a peaceful, blessed weekend- xo Diana

    1. Love it girl you know how I think! lol! Yep you got it that is making me do it otherwise I wouldn't be so blame busy! Thank you too and I sure hope you and the family have a blessed weekend as well. xoxo Dolly

  2. Oh I do love apple crisp! However, I love butter beans and cornbread even better! As for that Hurricane... I think it has visited my son's bedroom!

    1. I'm laughing out loud Ginger Dawn! You know how to brighten a day anytime! Thanks for making my day! xoxo