Jan 31, 2017

Let's Talk About Wayne's Camellias

Today I'm taking a break from painting updates and sharing beautiful Camellias.  Do you have some of these in your gardens?  Mama had some beautiful ones and my sister Gwen does now.  They are filled with blooms that are so spectacular.  I love the fact that to me they look like trees filled with roses.  Wayne a schoolmate of mine has allowed me to share his beauties with you today.

Wayne and I went to school together and you know how we always feel about our schoolmates.  We went to school in our small town where everybody knew everybody.  It was such a lovely town and if you have ever watched The Andy Griffith Show you've seen Mayberry, well you've seen Timmonsville in those days for sure.  I could go on and on but that's enough of our Southern Tradition Memories for today.

He shared these beauties on Facebook one day and I just had to ask if I could share them as well. You see I can't seem to get any to grow for me.  I've tried numerous times but with no success.  I won't give up and will take a serious stab at it soon.  

Camellia 1

White by the gate

By the gate 2

I asked Wayne just how did he grow them so beautifully and this is what he said to me:
"Dolly, I like camellias because they are low maintenance.  I just mulch with a combination of oak and pecan leaves from my yard.  I try to keep Wisteria from choking them.  Other than that, I don't fertilize or anything else.  They need to be protected or shaded by other trees.  Even Dogwoods work nicely for that. They don't do well in full sun.  They do really well when planted under a larger tree.  Most of mine are around the borders of the yard where you can plant them two or three deep and they can all be shaded by one tree.  Another must is to keep the Weedeaters away from the trunk.  Scarring by the string will eventually kill the bush."
"Planting is the same as any other container-grown.  Handle the pot with care.  Never lift the plant by it's stem.  Set in a hole wide enough to accommodate the roots with space to spare and deep enough so that it will finish up no deeper than it was in the pot."

  1. Plant according to directions above:
  2. Mulch
  3. Keep Wisteria away
  4. You don't have to fertilize
  5. Plant where protected or shaded by other trees (even a Dogwood works well.)
  6. Keep Weedeaters away from the trunk! Very Important because it could kill the bush.

A graft

Wayne tells me that there are really 3 seasons for camellias.  They are: Early, Mid and Late Season. We're about at the end of the mid season and the beginning of the late bloom now.  They usually bloom from September through April.

I never knew any of this so it is great information to have!

Professor Seargent

Wayne says, "My work with them is minimal at best.  I just cut off the dead stuff, clean the vines from them and let nature take it's course.  I do sometimes debud them when they have double, triple or quad buds together in one place." "This will make for larger and healthier blooms."

White Empress
This White Empress will bloom again in a couple of months, but the blooms will be much smaller and pink.

Isn't that something?
I find that amazing!

Bees on White Empress

Wayne spoke of this book and I must get it.  
He says it is helpful in identifying camellias 
Sasanquas and Japonicas
I will need this book! 

 "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias by Stirling MacOboy


Dr. Tinsley

Wayne told me of some local South Carolina nurseries that have some wonderful stock.  One has Camellias that were gotten from some of the plantations around Charleston.  He said I may be able to find some of the older varieties there.  I would love that.

Mathodianis Rubri

Rose Dawn

Aren't they just beautiful?  I certainly enjoyed the online tour!
Thank you so much Wayne for sharing these beautiful Camellias, the photos and the information as well.
I hope to one day have some growing and thriving here at Hibiscus House.

Does this make you want to get your hands in the dirt and grow something?
I'm ready myself!

I'll be back soon with more house painting posts!
Oh and before I forget soon I'll have a guest post from Erin of Zillow.
We will be organizing and cleaning with great tips!



  1. Replies
    1. He did a great job with those pictures. I'll pass the compliments along to him! So good to hear from you!

  2. He is really knowledgeable about those plants. I love to be around someone like that because you learn so much. The town you grew up in sounds like a wonderful place to grow up. Wayne seems like a really nice man and I think he is handsome, too! That's a good combo! Happy February First, Dolly- xo Diana

    1. Awe Diana you make everybody's day much brighter! I know what you mean he has taught me so much in just a short period of time. Oh yes our little town was wonderful. It has changed is not the same anymore basically a ghost town compared to the past. I wish it could be revived. Yes I agree he is a handsome man. We met in grammar school actually guess you could say we may not have seen each other for years but have basically known each other our entire lives!
      Happy February to you dear friend! January sure did fly by didn't it? Love you girl!

  3. So pretty! I tried growing them once but didn't have any luck. Maybe I need to try again : )

    1. Hey Tipper, I think I will too. They are beautiful. Let me know how yours turn out if you do!