Aug 31, 2017

Hibiscus House Daylilies 2017

This little critter is enjoying the daylily

Today's topic is The Beautiful Daylily! This has been our showcase flower this year!  Everyday was a flower show. The best I've ever seen.  I'll put the link at the end of the post as to where we found them.  Join me today for the Hibiscus House Daylily 2017 Tour!  Watch your step!

Pay no attention to that beautiful thriving briar behind the Daylilies

This little critter loved these particular daylilies
Every morning when I would take my garden tour he and others would be on these, only these

See what I mean?
I can understand the attraction this is a strikingly beautiful daylily

'Wow', that was the first word uttered out of my mouth when I saw this!

Another with a softer color

Check this beauty out
I love the coloring

A vivid color

Great bloomers!
Vibrant red surrounds the yellow orange center

This pretty little thing has creamy yellow stripes down the center

A showstopper!

Another little critter likes this daylily

This one appears to be dancing!

Deep yellow with ruffled edge

Pale yellow with peach tones almost green edges

Oh my what a beauty!

Close up of this beauty

Just look at the beauty

Simple Variegated Yellow Beauty

Flowing Beauty

This almost star centered Daylily had deep yellow color in center
soft yellow to white outer edges
Pretty pink behind

Pink, Yellow, Peach Colors

Soft Ruffled Beauty

At the very beginning of bloom time

I planted these beauties out back where I stash things until later gardening!
They steal the show, mess and all!

Wonderful color!

Line of these out back giving beauty to a otherwise hidden junk space

Stella De Ora
A best performer and a must have in any garden
Blooms faithfully all season long

I like the pretty ruffles some of these have

I love these
The color is so beautiful!

Outstanding color!

This little red stands out in a crowd of bright yellow in the Butterfly Garden

In the Butterfly Garden
I see a Tiger Lily and some Homestead Verbena among the daylilies

Wild Butterfly Garden
Daylilies, Verbena, Tiger Lilies and Cone Flowers in sight
Chuck's burn barrel in view...told him to move that

I call these 'Mingly' because of the colors
We have a few of these unusual beauties

Another with a touch of  'Mingly'

Variegated Colors, Spotty Accents, Lots of Ruffles
This Daylily has many pretty features

The wild Butterfly Garden with daylilies

Beautiful daylilies even though they are fighting for attention 
from the Morning Glory and other vines plus Verbena

Each one a beauty


A pretty Daylily with striking details

Fantastic flower that I didn't catch well in this photo

Soft delicate color

This Daylily has a deep green center with a circle of yellow 
The edges of the flower has a deep magenta color
Beautiful flower

We had some deep almost purple and maroon colors that bloomed in this garden
I neglected to get a picture of them while they were in bloom
They were beautiful too!

Check out the size of the buds on these

Ole wagon cart

A few varieties and colors

Check out the little pink daylily hiding beneath the Hydrangeas

Great little performers!

I sure hope you enjoyed our 2017 Daylily Garden Tour!
This year was the most delightful ever!

We purchased these from
Loretta's Daylily Farm
Product Review: Excellent!  I do recommend!
You can see Chuck, Gwen and I purchasing them here
She has the healthiest stock I've ever seen in my lifetime!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
I thank you for joining me on the tour.

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