Oct 10, 2017


Candy of DESIGNEVO contacted me recently about her new free LOGO making site.  I have been playing around a little with it this week.  

It has been fun going through some of the fonts, colors, texts, shapes etc.  I love that it is customizable!  I was just playing around with the background colors on the houses here.  The choices are numerous!

The following were done in about 5 minutes of playing around with gradient color

The picture below was just to show you a quick design shape
I really like the fact that it is as easy as 1 click to turn their designs in any direction
That will make for easy designing

I had a little fun making the design above.

  • I couldn't figure out how to make a frame match the color of the text but it was simple enough to go back to text color copy text color and then back to shape/frame paste the color #.
  • It was extremely easy to make design move from one spot and the lines help you to center your design.  Like that!
  • You do have to download your designs to save.
  • You will have a jpg, png, translucent
  • I like the fact that it is extremely easy to change colors, designs, shapes, directions of shapes and designs with 1 click.
  • I like how easy it is to change the text choice.  Just type in and go to choices to see which one you would like to use.  Easy and quickly the design will show.  It makes for an easier decision.
  • The Layout for your design up top is a great help in seeing how you would like your design to be!
  • You must give credit to the owner of this site which is only right.
  • I made easy, quick designs to show that anyone can make them quickly.
  • I'm sure I will enjoy using DESIGNEVO and you will too.

    DESIGNEVO WEBSITE:  https://www.designevo.com/
    DESIGNEVO FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/designevoapp/

      Product Review

      1. I like it
      2. It is free
      3. It is easy
      4. Many uses!
      I recommend!

      Playing around with DesignEVO

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