Jan 16, 2018

Landscaping for Your Business & Preserved Boxwood Wreath

I love gardening of all kinds.  That love was inherited from my mother and I'm so glad she helped me to see the beauty in all living growing things.  Decor faux pieces also have a place in the design indoors as well as outdoors.  Today the subject at hand is landscaping and beautiful boxwood wreath review.

When you visit an office, hospital, or any public place of business do you notice the landscape?  I do.  I guess that is because of my love of gardening.  Or, do you just walk by and things like that never attract your attention?  Later on you may think well that was a very neat, pretty place and then think about the landscape as a part of it.

Beautiful Topiary credit

You know in our area one well known artist
Pearl Fryar came to mind when I saw the above design.

I know that caught your attention.  It certainly caught mine.  Wouldn't a piece such as this look wonderful at your place of business?  You know it would!  Truthfully I wouldn't mind having a show stopper like this in my home gardens.

These walls would definitely be eye-catching!

Very serene 
Could you imagine how hard and bland this would be without the landscaping?

You know how much I still adore Boxwoods.  Remember the two that sat on the front porch?  One on each side of the door.  You can see them in the photo below.

I so enjoyed those.  I think I may do another pair.

Thanks to Plantscape Inc  I received two preserved boxwood wreaths.  I was given a choice among many beautiful plants, trees, etc but decided on these shown below.   I chose simple and traditional items that can stand alone, yet can be varied with the season or theme at any given time.

Preserved Boxwood Wreath

I do like those and how nice to have something that was living now dried and preserved to use in the decor for years to come!

They are very pretty and full

Thick, Full, Soft to the touch!

One hanging over mirror in the Dining Room

I'm clearing and cleaning from Christmas
Things do look bleak when all is taken down
A blank slate to enjoy a new design

I may hang the other in the circular portion of the Foyer Mirror.  Who knows, I'm so excited and may change my mind a few times! Imagine the design possibilities! A simple change, add ribbons or little accents to fit the season and mood! I can imagine endless decor!  


ATTENTION:  BLOGGERS FOR PRODUCT REVIEW CAMPAIGN If you are interested in being a part of Plantscape, Inc.'s Product Reviews leave me a note or please do me a favor and tell them Dolly of Hibiscus House sent you.  You and I will be compensated should you decide to do a product review. 
Contact Anmol Sharma at Email: anmol@permaleaf.com

For your commercial business landscaping needs be sure to check out the following:
Plantscape, Inc. is a leading national interior landscaping company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota since 1974.  They have been providing interior plant service, indoor landscaping and holiday decorations to commercial projects, corporations and office buildings.  They offer live tropical plants, decorative plant containers, artificial plants and trees, preserved palms and site amenities.

By creating a striking outdoor landscape, or indoor display you're not just sending out a strong statement, you are welcoming visitors and customers in your property, driving up its value and creating a memorable setting.

Disclosure:  I was compensated with a product to do the review.  The opinions are as always my own personal.  You know I do product reviews from time to time.  This is one of those.


  1. Really like the wreaths, What all does it entail to be part of this program? How much time are we talking I should say.

    1. I like those wreaths very much! Thanks! You would get in contact with Anwol@permaleaf.com email, or I can let him know how to contact you if you wish.