Jan 12, 2018

Tax Time!

It's that time of year!  Yes, time to search, shred, file, discard, add, subtract, ugh.  Income Tax Time!  Are you ready?  Are you one that is always ready?  Or, are you like me, thinking, "I told you to make those files and file as you receive!"  Did I do that?  You betcha (not)!

Now, what would I rather be doing today than going through dusty old paperwork?  Let me think!

I know!

Sightseeing in Greece
That would be nice!



Must I come back to the task at hand?

I guess so!

We were randomly audited a few years back and I was glad to have some of the information at my fingertips. It is especially good for that reason to have the most important filed in house. Yes, I'm from the old school and won't relinquish all paper.  Over the years it has dwindled quite a bit and for that I'm grateful.

My Old Hooker Roll Top Desk
Filing cabinet
A few of the files that I still keep on hand.
These need to be revamped with new folders, labels etc. 
I see they could be little neater

You can see in the photo above the boxes of supplies to organize all paper files.  I am revamping the craft room where these supplies were. Here they sit and I am going to tackle the job when I finish all of the tax paperwork.

The Cobbler's Son Has No Shoes!

I think there is a lot of truth to the saying!
I have been in a few jobs the Office Manager
In charge of organizing and running businesses.
Look at my home office!
Yes, truth to the saying!

I'm giving myself tips.  You can move on if you have your's handled...
  1. You do this every year info already.  Make a big Income Tax Return File
  2. Add folders to hold things such as: 
  • Property Taxes Paid on home and autos
  • Medical expenses paid out of pocket: Doctor's visits, Pharmacy costs, even over the counter costs that apply
  • Health Insurance paid out of pocket
  • Interest paid on home loans etc.
  • Charities and Religious Contributions
Etc and etc....all that may apply to you and your personal household....It isn't hard, you (I) just need to keep up with it and file when incoming.

Desk full of paper, Christmas things, Santas need to be put away!
What is that flashlight doing up there?
(one item in a sea of my stuff & I talk about it 👱)
Do your husbands have tons of flashlights?
No shortage of those in this household!

A small portion of paperwork 

I threw an old white sheet on top of the white quilt on bed, then began clearing the desk.  Last year at this time I declared I'd never be in this shape again, yet here I am!  

Would you just look!
Underneath the mounds of receipts
My packaging tape!
I looked for that over the Christmas season and here it is!
I will put that up so that it can be found
I use this tape all of the time
Do you?

I'm going back up again in a moment to finish what I started, but wanted (needed) a break!

I make no resolutions because for me at least I've never been able to keep them.  Oh, not from all of my procrastinating but life-people take you away.  They're more important anyway.

I guess one of my goals would be to have this house organized and running like clockwork!
Do you think that would be boring?
I don't know???

I've come to the conclusion that if you don't put too many restrictions on yourself then you won't be as disappointed and stressed if you can't fulfill them.   We all need goals to accomplish things in life.  I do believe that to be true, but they need to be realistic and have space for the unexpected.  Having said that I do believe our lives are full of the unexpected!

  • Let's see I now have a retired spouse in the home
  • He is so cute to look at (but is constantly in the way). I say that lovingly
  • I am lazier now that he is at home most always! True, I mean how can you vacuum when he is constantly in front of the television?
  • Ladies with spouses at home any advice?
  • I need creative ways to get him to help me accomplish more and then have more time to enjoy him being home!  

He does help with the dishes

He also puts away his laundry!
He hasn't quite figured out where mine go yet, but that is alright!
That has already cut my laundry time some! YAY
He will make the bed and change the sheets!

Come to think of it he is doing pretty well!

I now may have a little time for other things!

Taking a little time out for myself
That is something I rarely do!
I have family and friends that need to have lunch, shopping and ladies time!

What the heck am I waiting for?

Enjoy your New Year
I sure intend too!


  1. Oh- Tax time! Ours has gotten easier over the years but I think the next couple of years will be challenging as we move back into running a business.

    It is really good to take a break for your mental health! It is hard to have a husband home and 'underfoot' when you are used to having the house to yourself. I thank God that hubby here was able to go back to work part time. Too much togetherness is too much togetherness and I got NOTHING done.

    I have things pretty organized but that is because of an upcoming move in the next few months--just trying to get ahead of the game. xo Diana

    1. I hope all goes smoothly with the new business and I believe it will. Yes I love him dearly but we are having to adjust to each other that is the truth. I guess until he decides what he'll do next I'll learn to get up and get something done. Trouble is he wants me with him...I guess that isn't or shouldn't be trouble aye?...
      I'm proud of you and wishing you an easy move! Will be keeping up with you. xo Dolly