Jan 5, 2018

Snow 2018

I'm just now relaxing.  Well, I was until a car went into the ditch up front.  We do live almost a quarter of a mile from that road.  Whoa (Woe)  is me, somebody has to check on them!  Talking snow today....

No one was in the vehicle, so I guess they are fine.  The hazards of driving and black ice on the road in shady sections.  Some of us stay off the roads and others run to their vehicle when it starts just to slide...I don't know I'm just kidding. (somewhat).

Isn't this pretty?
I love the old camp cabin, now garden shed!
We so enjoyed seeing the snow falling.

Our driveway!

Beautiful layer of snow!

We got snow folks!  Do you know what an event that is here in the south?  It is one of excitement!  Looking for your boots, gloves, etc.. Getting up and out in the cold beautiful mess!  Here when we get snow it only lasts a short while.  We have to enjoy it quick. I love it!

Sharing Phil Disher's Videos with you.
It Snowed

Turn on volume for this one

He is a local guy, a great singer and comedian to be sure! He has several videos. I may have to spotlight him one day! He keeps me laughing, (sometimes makes my face a little red), but he is funny and talented! You can find him here and here

Back to the snow pictures

View from front yard left of driveway

View from front yard right of driveway
Sometimes I feel as if we live out on the prairie,
I'm always amazed at the beautiful blue sky above us out here
The stars at night are so vivid without the street lights etc to interfere with the viewing.

Garden Cabin


I took this standing front on my left facing house

You may notice the house is angled well, there is a story behind that.  The surveyors were trying to place the house in line with the highway.  Being me, I said , "No I want it lined up with the property."
They shook their heads and resurveyed the spot.  Quirky, I know but when coming down the road the house stands out and has character.  Even if it is way back off in a field.

Talk about simple beauty!

If this bench could talk

Casper, Isn't he pretty?
He was somewhat bewildered with the snow coming down.

Here he is running for dear life!
He loves the snow!

He came back for a hug and a treat.
This is one happy dog!

The chickens were not too happy with the snow & kept to higher spots!
Gaston decided that the corn was calling him
He couldn't resist.

She just kept looking at me like,  "I know you don't think I'm getting down to eat!"
This is my green egg layer, that I bred and what a layer she continues to be!

My tracks look like I was walking drunk
I'll just call it my zig zag pattern

The sun has begun to melt the snow already

A view of the grapevines

My little garden cart

Watering can and Rosemary covered in snow

Shrubs are pretty

One last picture to share
(I took over a hundred but can't post them all!)

Look at this.
Pretty don't you think?

Today is day two and we still have snow on the ground.  It is melting in sun but still lots left.  The road in front of us has a sheet of black ice and the one vehicle that went into the ditch has been removed.  Tonight is supposed to be extremely cold again.  around 15 degrees.  Friends we don't usually have these constant low temps here.  Guess we'll thaw out in time!  Hope all are well and warm.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. I'm happy you are enjoying it. It is pretty.

    1. Thank you! How is your weather there? I hope you're staying warm!

  2. Absolutely love the first photo with the sunshine. Would be a great Christmas card.
    I hoping you don't loose any of your flowers or bushes., them not being use to the extreme weather. We got up to 3 degrees this morning. While we are used to snow and cold weatheer that is a bit low even for us.

    1. Thank you! Oh my I hadn't even stopped to think about losing flowers or bushes. I sure hope not. Wow 3 degrees I hope you will soon enjoy higher temperatures. I shouldn't be but kind of tired of it already here..... I'm making the best of it hemming the grandson's pants. He is gonna need them. They grow so fast...Stay warm sweet friend