Feb 13, 2018


Sometimes I want a little something different to use for a touch of added color.  There are times when the almost completely neutral color scheme in our home can become, well, boring.  

The other day I was looking in the fabric cabinet for an idea of just what to sew.  I brought several pieces downstairs and laid them on the table to see if anything would strike my fancy.  Do you sewers do that?

New faux peonies and hydrangeas

I have trouble waiting for Spring to arrive my favorite time of year! The days are already beginning to be a little longer.  

The hens, out back are sounding differently, clucking happily.  They are laying eggs again after a long winter's break!  

I saw a pair of Eastern Bluebirds the other day!  They are so gorgeous!  We love them out here.  

Plants are beginning to leaf out and the flowers can't be far behind. You know how much I love my gardens.  They are in dire need of a good clean up and pampering.  I'm getting so excited!  

Until then I will use the faux flowers that came the other day.  I love real best of course, but living out here I don't go shopping regularly for fresh live ones.  The fake will be alright with me short term. 

I'm still enjoying the beautiful boxwood wreaths 

I chose this very nice premium 100% cotton fabric.  I really like the soft pink and white stripe pattern.  I thought about it for awhile and decided not to cut and stitch this time.  With the way my mind changes and how much I want to change something it just would be a waste.  So why not steam press the raw edges under use for a short while then wash and make something else to enjoy.  A double life for the fabric.

Simple No Sew Table Runner

  • Choose 1 yard of fabric that you like
  • Open fabric piece up and fold in half crosswise.
  • The *selvages* should be on each end.  see note below
  • Fold piece in half to give you an idea of the center
  • Open up and fold the raw cut edges on each side of the fabric to the center.  Depending on the width you would like you may lap one edge over the other.  It is your choice.
  • Press lightly without pulling and stretching your fabric.  This might stretch it out of shape because you are working the the crosswise grain which does indeed stretch.
  • Steam press both sides.  If your selvage edges do not lay straight take the underneath piece and pull back corner press to hide.  See picture on the right above.

*Selvages for those that don't sew are the finished edges that don't ravel out.  
Sometimes the name and color of the fabric piece are printed on it.

You may say to yourself what if this gets dirty?  I say wash it iron it again if you like it for that or wash, iron, fold and make something else you like later.  You've lost nothing but a little time.

When I tire of this it will become maybe napkins, place mats, an apron or maybe even a pillow cover.  I call this my frugal, easy, table runner.  I used to would never do such a tacky thing but hey, who will know? Besides this fabric will have a new life very soon as something useful.

Cute don't you think?

How simple is that?
If you sew or have fabric stashed 
Enjoy it use it then sew something later 
Double use!

Oh and before I forget tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I hope you all have a great day. We will gather up some of those cute paper cards and the candy for the little ones.

Special memories surrounding this day when little in school, then when I had my babies, and now my grand babies!  I have to remember where I stashed those goodies.

I've been eating on my box of chocolates Chuck gave me early and it has been delicious!
We haven't decided what we'll do but we will be together and that's what is most important.

I had the most wonderful visit recently from some Facebook Friends.  
What a joy to meet them in person.
I'll never forget them and hope to visit them soon as well.

They gave me these gorgeous flowers and they still look fabulous after almost two weeks!
Thanks Emilie, Irene and Jim!

Check this out I do have color in the kitchen and it is red at the moment
The bouquet fits in beautifully!

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