Mar 12, 2018

Rosa Banksiae Lady Banks' Rose

My mama had one of these climbing up on a 'Gumball' tree in her yard.  It was beautiful.  I of course planted one at one of my homes it grew wildly up the side of the home.  How I loved that bountiful blooming rose.  I had trained it on a trellis and had to take extreme measures to hold this rose that reminded me of Jack's beanstalk.  That one had to be cut way back almost to the ground it was just to heavy to keep that huge.  A couple of years ago I planted a very small one here. 

I love the fact that this rose variety is virtually thornless
The leaves are evergreen
Which makes this rose very pretty even though it blooms only once a year

The rose is named for Lady Banks the wife of botanist
Sir Joseph Banks

While searching for Lady Banks' Rose
I ran across the following
Who knew?

The Tombstone Rose

World's  largest rose tree and it is a Lady Banksia Rose
Brought to American from Scotland in 1884
Tombstone, Arizona
    read more about it here

You know the clusters of blooms on this remind me of my white roses on the picket fence
One big exception being that my white roses have tons of prickly thorns that hurt like crazy.

The trunk of this rose is 14 feet in diameter
The tree and museum were put up for sale October of last year 2017

Video by Karen Straub
Whetstone, AZ

CBS Sunday Morning
July 2, 2017

It is one of the most hardy roses.   I recommend the variety.  The best advice I can give you is give it plenty of room to spread and be sure it has a sturdy structure, trellis or both. It is a prolific climber.  You can tell by this post that they indeed can live for many, many years and become very huge.

I'll try to remember to post when this Lady is in full bloom.

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