Aug 10, 2018

Island Garden Finish

I can't believe how fast time flies!  Can you?  This was done almost two months ago!  Where does the Spring and Summer go?  Showing the finished garden today.  

It has been entirely too hot around here to get much gardening done, so waiting on Fall to do more cleanup.


Working hard

A work in progress

I blocked off the mail carrier's drive through the front yard route.  I used fabric I had on hand in garden shed.  Beautiful new plants, shrubs and one moved from another part of the garden landscape.

Gardening can be like rearranging the decor in the home.  You can move a plant to another location for look and for a healthier environment.  It may take a little extra care to start the plant off in the new spot but can be well worth it.

This new boxwood looks great here.

Making great progress
The plant in the background yellow/green tint was moved from another garden
The miniature boxwood to the left in front was dying
I decided to pull a Pearl Fryar on it and pom pom it up with the living parts and keep it!
(pictured below)

It seems to like the pom pom look

Almost finished!
I won't forget the work that went into this garden.


Cutting in a new edge to help prevent the creeping in of grass and weeds!

I have to remember not to twist my ankle when around this bed now
two months later I've pulled a few weeds from the trench and the creeping grass will be edged out

Edging finished

Finished, now let the blooming begin!

Red Blooming 

It may be hard to see in this pictures but I have three miniature Crepe Myrtles

Top back Miniature Crepe Myrtles


Now to enjoy the rest of Summer
Then on to Fall Clean Up
Happy Gardening!

If you wish to see the first part of this Island Garden Re-do click here

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