Aug 8, 2018

Floating Garden Makeover

This project took a lot of hard work and energy to pull off.  You can see in the before picture just how badly it was needed. We have many more gardening beds that have been put on hold until cooler weather.  I am thrilled to share this one with you now.

I need to give this garden a name, guess I'll go the easy route and call it the 'Red Garden'.  This picture was taken in early March, before everything started turning green and waking up from the winter nap.  

I cringe just looking at this!

A few years of neglect had really taken a toll on the garden.  It is amazing how, over time nature takes over.  The edging I'd done had all but disappeared, grass and weeds had taken over!  Not long ago, Catie said this to us, and it's so true.  Can you imagine what might be under our very feet from generations past?

I put my back into it and began pulling the grass and weeds.  Whew, let me tell you it was quite a feat!  The landscape fabric had worn down, grass was popping through and growing above.  

Don't pay any attention to the 25 year warranty the landscape fabrics have.  Now, that is a topic I'll cover one day Landscape Fabric, to use or not to use.  Mama never used it and her gardens were beautiful.  

I, however seem to always be destined to live on farmland that will certainly grow grass and weeds.  The chemicals farmers use now kill off the nutrients and the grass and weeds learn to survive and thrive!  UGH!...Oh Well on to pulling!

Another shot to show the size in front garden

Making progress

I couldn't help it when one fourth of the garden was cleared, I had to replace some dead plants, fabric and mulch!  Check it out!

I purchased a few larger Boxwood Plants, small red azaleas, and three huge Snowball Bushes. Had to dig up a few dead or dying plants.  I did keep the miniature boxwood (pictured above right),  went to dig it up, but decided I'd be a 'Pearl Fryar'. I proceeded to cut the dead out and make pom poms out of the surviving!

Snowball Bush blooming in April, one late afternoon

 I (a middle 60s lady) drug that huge Snowball over and dug a hole to China to plant!
Oh yeah!

Plenty of water had to be added to this large beauty!

Found an abandoned nest and added it for decoration

I'll stop right here for now so the post won't be so long and finish later.
The bed has been weeded and replanted
Up next the fabric, mulch, edging and maybe the finish.

Happy Gardening Everybody!

Part Two Garden Finish here


  1. Wow, looks so much better, I too neglected a garden area, what a job to clear! I stopped using fabric, that stuff is tough when weeds start to take over and grown into the fabric...

    1. Thank you! I keep replacing because I'd have no landscape out here at all without it, sad to say. I hope to get most of the beds finished in the Fall.

  2. Beautiful job, I wish I can come up with a flower garden idea that looks this fabulous. Lovin it!