Aug 30, 2018

Southern Fried Squash

I remember my Grandma Cora cooking fried squash and sweet potatoes on her wood burning stove.  Wow, her food was delicious, but that kitchen was hot as heck on the hot summer days.
We don't have these often but sure do like them when we do.  This batter mixture can also be used for frying okra and fried green tomatoes as well.  Are you hungry yet?

Fresh Yellow Summer Squash

Don't overcrowd squash in the pan

A picture of this crispy goodness

Another shot 
Try to keep your hands out of the platter (if you can)


If you happen to cut more than you need to fry just coat and then add to a bowl some White Lily White Self Rising Corn Meal Mix and shake to cover squash.  Refrigerate and fry within the next day for best taste.  That coating really give a light crispy coating.

You can fry green tomatoes and okra as well in this mixture.

I hope you enjoy this simple southern recipe.  You can save and print for your personal use only, copyright protected.

Another of my Fried Squash recipes

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You may be familiar with these people with their so true to life videos and Southern Posts.
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  1. Oh Dolly, I do need to come eat at your house girlfriend. :-)

    1. You do know I would really like that I hope! One day we will!