Aug 23, 2018

Product Review: Renogy Outdoor Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Hello All!  Today I am doing a product review.  We'll be doing a little something different in that I will be giving my own personal opinion and have enlisted the help of one very experienced Tactical Expert, my husband. Join us today if you will.

Each comes in it's own case

This is the open view of what is included in the case

Chuck checking the flashlight out when it arrived

Chuck, at an early age was in Vietnam in a secret unit for the Army Security Agency. He went in law enforcement in 1973 until retirement. Afterwards, not wanting to sit and do nothing, he went into the security/safety field at several businesses.  You can say he has spent his sharpshooter life in the field that would qualify him for a true tactical review of this product.

I, on the other hand am a lady that gives her own personal opinion on products and how they perform for me.

Today we give you  two opinions on the performance of this outdoor, weatherproof, rechargable plus regular battery, tactical flashlight.  We tested the product outdoors as well as indoors at night, and in the daytime.


Brightness:  From a tactical standpoint you would want a brighter light. 
I liked the switch on the back, It is easy to use with your thumb. That is a Good Feature.
The Strobe feature:  I like that feature, but it would be much better if the light were brighter.
I like that it is hard, built sturdy, the rechargeable battery is nice.  It has held a good charge since receiving.  I also like that you can use regular batteries in the unit as well.
I like the size of the flashlight.
I don't understand the grid pattern when size is changed in telescoping out.  
You want to be able to use a tactical light quickly the telescoping in and out distracts.

Overall Tactical Review

  • Well contructed
  • On/Off Switch is good
  • Convenient switch to change from regular to strobe.
  • I like the strobe feature
  • I like rechargeable battery and that it uses regular batteries
  • I like the sturdiness
  • I like the size
  • The price is not bad


  • Not as bright as may be needed in a true tactical situation.  Would be great if brighter!
  • Telescoping in and out distracts and takes time
My opinion is this flashlight will be fine for home and outdoor use.  I would, however not use in a true tactical situation.


Overall Personal Review:

  • I like the size, it is very convenient and easy to hold onto.  The strap is an added feature that would be helpful.  
  • I like that it is sturdy
  • I like that is is water resistant, shock resistant, skid proof
  • I really like the nice case that holds everything in one place.
  • The rechargeable battery is great to have.  Added plus the battery comes charged and holds it's charge for a long time. **Note I received the product a week ago and the charge is still going strong.**
  • The added attachment/adapter to use regular batteries is great as well!  It uses 3 triple AAA batteries, not included in package.
  • I like that the adapter is included for easy charging
  • I like the easy touch motion for strobe, high and low features.  That is very convenient.
  • I like the easy telescoping feature myself, but then I'm not one in a tactical situation ever.
  • I like it and will use it frequently.  
  • may store one in my car as well.  Everything in the case would be of great use there. It fits the glove box of my car.
Adding this pro that Nancy, a friend of mine said of this product, "It would be good inside the home if the power goes out."  That is definitely true!  Thanks Nancy!

  • I personally don't like the dark circle that surrounds the light, it distracts.

I like it!

How did you like the two person review?
I think it gives you an idea as to how this products performs in numerous situations.
We haven't been camping so will update as to that use maybe at a later date.
You can buy one for yourself here at Amazon it is on sale right now.
You can see more of our Product Reviews, if you wish.

Disclosure:  This/these product/products  was/were given to me for the purpose of testing and giving an honest opinion.  My opinions are just that and are my/our own.


  1. I really LIKE the two person review. It is always good to have a male/female prospective AND with that sort of thing being right up Chuck's alley you get a professional opinion, too.

    Looks like a really good light! Have a great day- xo Diana

  2. Loved the 2 person review!

    Whats the purpose of the strobe light feature?
    Whats the purpose of the telescoping feature?

    1. Thanks Kim! The telescoping feature lets you zoom in for a better of view of the object you are looking at. The strobe light is for use in a tactical situation. If you use it in strobe it will disorient the person. Allowing for person in harms way a chance to get away or a person in front of strobe if suspect to be captured easier. So Chuck says. I really didn't know myself. Guess it could have many uses.