Nov 2, 2018

Potato, Mushroom, Onion Bake Plus Food Talk

I love potatoes, always have loved them!  While doing some ancestral research have linked my namesake's lineage back to Scotland, Ireland. Wales, England.  Maybe that explains my all time love of the potato.  Who knows but today's potato recipe is quite delicious.

Linked to my 12th great grandfather
I don't know where this search has led me
I know there are many other links to research in the family line
Who knows?
All I do know is that I love potatoes!


2 extra extra large Idaho potatoes or 4 large
2 medium yellow onions
1 large container of whole Portobello mushrooms large or baby, your choice
1 cup rich chicken stock or broth
1/4 cup good quality virgin olive oil (not extra virgin) I use Olio Carli
5 TBS butter

Peel and slice potatoes and onions into 1/4 inch slices, clean and slice mushrooms as well.
Set aside

Preheat Oven to 375 degrees 
Convection Bake

Melt butter in baking dish while preheating oven.
Remove dish, coat entire bottom with the butter then pour excess into a small bowl.  
Add olive oil and mix.
Layer potato, onion, and mushroom salt and pepper each layer. 
Do this until you have used all ingredients
Pour chicken broth around the edges of baking dish
Drizzle butter, olive oil mixture on top of the potatoes
Cover with foil

Bake covered in foil for 30 minutes
Remove foil and bake 20-30 minutes longer 
or until potatoes are tender and casserole is browned to your liking.

Remove to cool slightly

Serve while warm

*Notes*  This baking dish is 4 1/2 quarts in size if that gives you an idea.
You may lesson the amount you cook by reducing potatoes, onions, mushrooms,
oils, butter, broth etc.  This recipe just give you an idea as to what was done on this day.
I buy my huge baking potatoes and portobellos at Sam's Club because they are larger & better.

I am so glad to finally have my range working again!

I post this not to depress you but to let you know of my experiences cooking with these. If it helps anyone in choosing your next new kitchen appliance it will be worth it.

Friends, if you follow, you know the problems I've had with Electrolux Appliances.  Since I never realized that I should keep a record log book with all the replacements and repairs to these not all are mentioned by any means. I mean when you call the repair company and before you even speak they say your name, you know you use them a lot!

Within the last 2 months I've spent $2400 on this range. It was either that or purchase sub standard appliances. (I know I'm laughing that I even said that!)  I figured we should be pretty close to gutting and having a whole new appliance anyway.

The last time I will repair this and possibly these appliances! I've had it! It may be enough to make me go out onto the property set a fire and cook over it like our Pioneer ancestors!

I will say this, before this thing dies on me I intend to use it to the fullest..It can bake regularly, convection bake, roast as well as defrost, dehydrate, proof bread, slow cook, probe cook roasts to perfection to name a few.  The repairmen say they've never seen one like it..I said well, me either and if I could keep it working long enough I'd try them all out! 

I've learned a few things with this stove being kaput for months and I'll share with you.

Fresh green beans & new potatoes from the farmer's market

Have plenty of slow cookers, counter top stoves, electric frying pans, instapots, airfryers etc to cook with. I learned to cook rice, grits, steam veggies, in microwave. You must not cook over 1 cup rice or it will not cook well in mine anyway.  I also learned you can cook some pretty delicious chicken bog and vegetables in the slow cookers.  Branched out because most of what I use them for is tougher cuts of roasts, soups, stews etc.

Whole chicken cooked overnight on low in slow cooker
Next morning prepare and add back to pot 
Slow cook on high for approximately an hour
Keep checking

Delicious meal 
I cook for an Alzheimer's mother in law and her elderly husband as well, talk about having to cook a lot without a stove!  I'm here to tell you it can be done!

I purchased the Kitchen Convection Counter Top Oven from QVC. It was a lifesaver. I will do a Product Review later on this item.

Catie's Apple Pie a la mode

Baked in the counter top oven
I'll get her to share her pie crust!

Are you hungry yet?

Until next time,


  1. I love potatoes, too, Dolly. That casserole looks delicious. How frustrating with that stove. We bought a top of the line Bosch double oven (I don't even dare tell how much we paid for it) and we had nothing but problems from day one. They finally sent a whole new unit which meant we had to pay to have our cabinets altered and now, if I am hearing it right, the new owners are having problems with it again. We went all the way to the head of the factory in Germany to get it replaced last time. When it did work -it was a miracle in motion!

    I hope you have a blessed, wonderful weekend, Dolly. Love ya-Diana

    1. I feel for you Diana and for the new owners as well! How sad as much as these things cost and still don't work. I can imagine the cost of yours. I understand the excitement when it did work for you and I feel that way at the moment. Guess we just enjoy what we have when it works..
      I sure hope you have a great weekend too! I love you too sweet friend..