Jan 26, 2019

Cleaning, Organizing and Planning

I'm noticing a pattern with how I feel about cleaning and organizing.  It seems that after the Christmas Holidays, while taking down the decorations, I have the urge to really gut clean.  Do you?

Also planning ahead for the planting season that is almost upon us here.  I just get so excited thinking about it!

I've gone through my Chest of Drawers and gotten rid of things.  There is a drawer dedicated to wear at home.  You know the deep down dirty cleaning, sloppy, gardening, tending to chickens faded comfortable jeans kind.  The if I stop, scrub, get on my hands and knees and even paint the picket fence (which needed doing 2 years ago), it won't matter kind of clothing.

I decided to part with some, well most of those worthless items.  The other day a door to door salesman came by to sell an aerial shot of our home place and I looked like Dirty Sally.  Yes,I did and now scratching my head thinking, just what is he going to do with that large picture he had of Hibiscus House?  Makes one wonder.

I actually threw away three garbage bags full.  Yes I did and the still good donation pile is getting higher.

Recently, due to cold rainy weather I have been hibernating.  That is not something I personally have done much of, until recently, that is.

While doing nothing, I watched the season of Marie Kondo Tidying Up on Netflix. I saw that she communicated with each house, that she told the clients to check each item and if it didn't "spark joy" to maybe, get rid of it, but to thank it for what it had brought to them.

I have to say that I was confused at first and was waiting for pointers to sink in.  Personally I think she is adorable and a joy to watch, but I was learning nothing new.  Then, for some strange reason I got the urge to purge, clean and clear even more than I'd done in the past.  I guess she sparked inspiration in me and so now I am at it again!

Marie Kondo Netflix

Do you get the feeling that we are certainly a blessed people?  I think to the point that we have so much that we take for granted.  So many things, too many things, that take up so much space, things are taking over our lives!  

I guess I've been folding the Kondo way for many years, who knew?  I had never even heard of her and her tidying up. This post above was done in 2016 CLEANING CLOSETS, MINIMIZING MESSI found this to be a very easy way to store more clothing and being a closet pack rat, that was great.  I did work in retail and folded many items over the years, maybe not like this but as my wardrobe grew this method worked better for me than any when storing.

I have donated thousands of dollars worth of clothing in recent years and am now trying to break the cycle of shopping too heavily.  Just because I like something doesn't mean I need every single color in the style.  I'm learning.

Not mine, it wasn't this loaded but thought I'd use this anyway

Recently I even went through new items that were taking up too much space. You see, I had a habit of  buying multiples when on sale.  You know great sales mean bring home lots for gifts in the future.  I found lots, that I'd stored and gave away lots!.  This is on habit I'm breaking.

It felt good to rid the space of things.  I think in the back of my mind I'd convinced myself that there would be a gift for any occasion that would come up.  I now know that the space will be better clean, more organized, and usable for important things.

Cleaning and organizing is well underway and I'll share some before and afters later.

It is high time I put some houseplants back into this house!  Do you have a green thumb when it comes to them?  I used to but for some reason I've not had many in this home.  The reason may be that my sister worked at a garden center for years and when a plant is just not surviving well enough to sell they of course trash them.  We being offspring of an avid gardener will rescue dying and almost dead plants!  Sadly that is true but there comes a time to just stop!  Stop wasting time trying to revive something that will give you no satisfaction or beauty!

Starting anew with houseplants now in this home.  The choice as to what they will be has to be made.  I'm thinking on this subject today.  

There are so many very pretty options

I made the mistake of staying too long in front of the tv the other morning with my coffee QVC was on!  Gardening Day! Needless to say I have some very pretty things coming at planting time!

This long lived beauty, below will be among the outdoor flowers and plants coming, but it can also be used as an indoor plant here! I'm excited to see how it will grow and develop!

Check out the trunk! I can't wait, but guess I'd better learn too This houseplant grows so extremely slow but it can live to be 100! I chose the light pink, when it blooms I will share with you.

I've ordered these seedless grapes Red Canadice Seedless!  Grapes grow so well out here, so I can't wait to get these into the little orchard we have.  

I couldn't resist the assortment of Lavender offered on this day! Three colors of this hardy Lavender will arrive soon!

 Perennial Gerber Daisies

I'm even cutting back on the growing things, so many times I buy way too much to tend to properly, that needs to end. I do love to garden so won't stop everything but the overload will stop.

Cleaning, Organizing, Planning
House and Gardens are in my thoughts!

My sister has her home and gardens laid out in a 5D system to show
This isn't her's below but just as an example of her very detailed planning

Example: Home and garden plans from Better Homes and Gardens

She has every plant down to the smallest of them in a plan!
Now that is organized.  She is good at that for sure!
I am not that good, but guess
I'll get back to planning while the weather is cool

Do you plan things like this?
Lots of friends I know are excited waiting on the growing season.
Happy cleaning, organizing and planning!

**Some of the photographs from Unsplash.com

I thought I'd temporarily share this cute video because it is one of the subjects of this post.


  1. Oh my, yes I love to clean and donate unused clothing and misc items, I purge each season, I have given away things I wish I still had, so I have a process for household goods, I keep it downstairs for a year, if I don't use it during this time - out it goes.

    I keep all stained kitchen towels for rags. I buy only cotton or linen, so they are best to clean.

    We have had such cold weather I can only plan and order seeds... we have a new patio area going in once the ground is workable....

    ALSO we are doing grapes too, along with 2 more peach trees, and a plum.

    Take Care! loved this blog post!!

    1. We are so much alike! I had to purge my old cleaning rags last year, it was overflowing. Purchased new stock old went there and oldest went to Chuck (laughing) He loves them for his outdoor work.
      It is cold there isn't it? I'll bet you're like my sister by the time it warms you know exactly where to want to put things.
      I'm excited for your new patio!
      Grapes, peaches and plums in your future! I know your fruits grow great in your area!

      Thank you! You take care too!