Mar 6, 2019

I'm Dreaming of Easter Cakes

Thoughts of Easter are on my mind.  I'm sitting here with my morning coffee scanning the internet for beautiful and probably some pretty good recipes and ideas.  I thought I'd share a few of them with you.  They're not mine but look very delicious!  Click the links below the pictures for the recipes.

I found two of these and thought I'd just share them both.  They are cute.  I love everything about Easter!

You know I have to add my girl's easy & beautiful recipe as well!

Catie's Pink Gradient Cake

This cute little lamb cake was made by my other girl!

Carly's Lamb Cake, So cute!
She made a pound cake, cut into shape frost top with marshmallows

Although not a beautiful cake will be eaten up in record time
 It is especially delicious with a beautiful smoked baked ham.

I haven't made these (other than mine of course), but plan too.
Hope you enjoy

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  1. Beautiful cakes and cupcakes!! I'm ready for spring! ( :

  2. OMGOSH- I gave up sugar and white flour and now I am drooling for a piece of one of those cakes. Some are cute and some are GORGEOUS!!!! I love making cupcakes for all kinds of get-togethers. xo Diana

    1. Diana I am so proud of you with the no sugar white flour! I really need to do that myself. I don't eat sweets regularly ( love them though), but do still love the sugar in my sweet tea and coffee. These goodies did strike my fancy today for sure...I can remember in the past baking several times a week pies, cakes, cookies but have gotten lazy I guess and we don't have them as much. xoxo Dolly