Mar 11, 2019

Relaxing Chicken Day

This morning it felt so wonderful.  It was cloudy but the temperature was heavenly!  I took a walk to visit with the hens and roosters.  

Recently we lost two of our family flock. One was Screech a small rooster and the other I named after my mom Dot, she was a Barred Rock.  I loved those two and isn't it the way it is the ones you love the most seem to go away first.  Something got to them and the rest of the flock is really skittish.  

I also am cleaning out the old hobby coops that have really gone down over the years and that is also making them a little confused .  It has to be done as you will see in some of the following pictures. Join me on my walk and visit with the backyard chickens.

I walked into the pen and gathered them up by talking to them.  They followed me outside to eat the fresh green growth in the yard.  They are getting older, but aren't they beautiful?

When they find a spot they like, they really scalp it quickly

He is so lost without his buddy Screech

Old houses in this pen and some taken out already.  Overhauling the mess and they aren't happy they love their junk that is falling down.  Sorry, as of next week hopefully, this mess will be gone!

They see me in the next pen, their new home & are curious

Cleaning and Clearing this pen for the newest little coop

This sweet older lady Cora Lee is enjoying the nest I hope she lays today

I took these pictures and must have irritated her, no egg today!

Check it out because Gaston crows on command, basically they all try to outdo each other when I ask them to crow..(they are male you know)...

Have a nice week!
Blessings to you all


  1. You know, animals are just like us. They mourn the loss of their friends and loved ones too. Hopefully, they and you will feel better with time.
    Take care.

    1. BJ Who knew they had such personalities? My grandpa treated his well, but never named them guess he knew they'd be in the stew pot before long. I wish I had some of his pioneer spirit though. Animals help fill the day with laughter and love.
      Thank you so much!