Jan 24, 2020

I'l Just Grow My Own Lettuce You Can Too!

Who loves salad? 

I certainly do!  My daddy always said to mama, "Dot, don't give me any more of that rabbit food! I've had enough!" He would eat it sometimes but she couldn't put it before him all the time.  He was a meat and potatoes man! (wonder why my girls call me Ron Swanson, guess it is inherited, but I love all meats and veggies!)

It has become increasingly dangerous to eat salad lately, at home or in a restaurant.  There have been so many warnings and recalls on Romaine. Many people have gotten sick, some have died. 

This past November a recall on some grown in Salinas California because of  E. coli. January 15th the CDC stated that it appears to be over. That is still enough to steer me away from it for a while.   

We had some in the house over November and December that I'd purchased from Sam's Club. We threw it away.

Why is this happening to the Romaine? Contaminated irrigation water, cattle feedlots, manure. 

Unsanitary growing conditions would be my guess.  Personally, as I'm known for keeping CAFOs away from our area that could be a reason for sure. Either way, it's a sad thing to worry constantly about food sources.

Working with strawberries over the years and watching knowing the irrigation sources have to be as clean as possible.  One main concern is how clean the workers' hands etc, are when harvesting produce.  I think many things could factor into it.  

I don't wish my family nor I to be a statistic with kidney disease and many other health issues that could come from eating a salad!

It's enough to make you grow your own!

Romaine in the Miracle Gro Aerogarden
Pretty isn't it?

Not long ago I did a post on our growers Growing Lettuce Inside, and if you'd like more information on the product itself MiracleGro AeroGarden.

I suggest that you grow all lettuce when planting that because it is much easier to cut that way.  If you want to grow one Romaine or heading lettuce to full growth that defeats the purpose (my opinion). Don't think you will get much out of this garden if you do that. The reason I cut mine. You can make many, many cuttings. Hey makes for easier salad making as well!

You can make Salads for a Week and store in the fridge!  I do that often because it makes it much easier to grab a ready-made salad than to stop and make one!  You're more apt to eat on the run good things for you, fruits and vegetables!

I love the variety of lettuce you can grow all with little seed packets
These taste so tender and buttery!

Left Planter:  Italian Mix & Black Seeded Simpson from Park's Seed
Right Planter:  Mini Greens Blend & Red Sails Lettuce from Park's Seed

That is pollen on the top and surrounding the units I forgot to brush that away before taking the picture.  These are pretty easy and they will let you know when they need watering or food/fertilizer to keep them growing inside and happy.  It is in the low 20s outside today and I'm growing lettuce!
We keep them going something constantly! They grow great herbs as well! 

After a cutting

After cutting

We've purchased Iceberg lettuce around here lately and mixed in these little fresh leafy lettuces I'm growing. ' Where there is a will there is a way!'

You are to cut only 1/3 out at the time, then lower the light source.  Within a few days, the growth that will amaze you!  Everyone that comes into the house checks this out.  It is fun to watch, kids love it as well!

We do garden on our property outside in the Spring and Summer months.  When the weather is too hot or too cold for lettuce this is a go-to for us inside!

These little growers grow herbs really well!

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Enjoy gardening inside!


  1. How cute are these? I would love to have one (or two) of these. We also had to throw out some lettuce because of the recall.

    1. I'm sorry about your lettuce loss too. These little things are cute and grow pretty quickly too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Lisa! xoxoDolly