Aug 1, 2018

Growing Lettuce Inside

Hi all! Hope your Summer is going well!  Today I'm talking about a subject near and dear to my heart.  We love salads around here and they can't be beat with the fresh ingredients in season!  Have you seen all of the recalls and warnings that have been issued?  Just, today another is out concerning lettuce and Cyclospora Parasite . It is becoming harder to have a safe food source it seems.  You know I've grown some great herbs in the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden. Some are outdoors in deck pots that were rooted in this system.  Lettuce oh my the lettuce you can grow in this thing!  It will germinate and grow up to the top of the lights as if it is magic.  I kid you not!  I'll show you some pictures today.

Check out the Basil grown in the Aerogarden!
It is such healthy stock that put into water it will root profusely!
Win win situation:  More plants!

Quick and easy germination
I like to seed my own pods because you get a little more of a harvest in that way.
I planted Looseleaf Blend from Burpee, and All season Romaine Blend

I'm telling you it grows overnight!
Every morning you see a change and it's fun!

Featured in front is the Looseleaf Blend
In the background is the All Season Romaine Blend
It is a little slower to grow

You have to raise the light for the growth overnight
(it is raised a little higher than norm, to enable me to get a picture)
You want to place the light as low down as possible to promote growth of smaller plants

This lettuce has been thinned and cut at least five times!
Still growing strong!

I didn't catch the tallest it has grown
We were just too excited and cut it for salads!
Well, we started off small with thinning using the lettuce on sandwiches

Just, yesterday I gave it a hard cutting
Took 1/3 away
WARNING: Never cut or thin more than one third of each lettuce
This will give you many cuttings

Picture taken just this morning!
The tips are already reaching towards the lights.
See the new growth?


I moved the growth light up 4 times in 2 days!
Fantastic Growth

Beautiful lettuce!

Trim lettuce
Do not wash!
The lettuce is grown clean indoors as it is, so it is not mandatory to wash at all.
Wash before using if you wish, but store as it is, for longer keeping
Wrap in damp paper toweling around the lettuce
Place in a plastic bag and store in the produce drawer of your refrigerator

I have to say I love this garden!
I'm thinking of getting another so I can grow herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, and flowers year round!

I've found a pretty good video of trimming lettuce for the outdoors, that you may find useful.

Happy Salad Making and watch out for those Recalls and Warnings

As Webby Debbie used to say
"Happy Gardening"!

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  1. How fun, I love fresh lettuce from the garden, but have never grown it inside.

    1. Hi Marty! It is so good to hear from you! I'm enjoying this indoor gardening. Things have almost finished in our outdoor garden.