Mar 9, 2020


I've recently been reorganizing a closet in the extra bedroom and really did not realize how many I have here in the house. I happen to really enjoy fabrics, textures, threads, embroidery, oh heck everything about sewing and quilting. These may not be my creations because I've given away all of my hand pieced and quilted ones. So a new section of the blog will showcase the quilts and the patterns.

I like how the passage of time only makes a quilt grow more beautiful.  Have you ever noticed that?  Oh, I sure have. There is something about the way the fabrics change after being used and even after being carefully laundered.  The way the fabrics, batting and backing move, yet stay inside the quilted lines. I think a quilt only gets more comfortable with time and they do.

This embroidery is so beautiful!

This quilt is machine pieced and embroidered but hand quilted.  It is beautiful and I have always loved the colors. 

This particular pattern brings to mind a wedding ring pattern. I can't remember the age of the quilt but I've washed it probably twice over the years.

I do know that I purchased this on at JC Penney. I worked there for a few years. You can bet when one went on a great sale or employee sales one would most probably come home with me. I've purged and given away quite a few over the years but was truly surprised at how many I still own.

The colors in the quilt

I like the colors in the quilting blocks.  These are pieced and scattered throughout the quilt.

The pillow shams are gorgeous
I like how they incorporate the fabrics together

The accent pillow 
The design is up and down on the pillow and I like that

Isn't she a beauty this quilt?


I remember as a child going to stay with grandparents my mother's parents especially.  They lived out on the farm with cows, chickens and a pig or two and surrounded by field crops.  

In those days houses most were built with the kitchen as a separate building away from the sleeping areas. This was done to prevent loss of life due to fires. Their house had been connected years later by a long and very high off of the ground hallway.  As a child, I can remember going up under that house and playing it was so high up off of the ground. 

You may remember from other stories here about the heater room where they burned wood.  Hot extremely hot and crackling was that fire! Whew, thought I'd pass out and then we would go down the hall to the bedrooms! Now that was a drastic change the temperature went from what seemed to be 100 degrees to 20 below!  I jest, but it was about that way.  In those days most homes did not have heating and air, so you had to get used to it.

Now getting down to the quilts grandma had.  They were each sewn with love and sewn from clothing scraps!  Nothing went to waste with these people, they certainly made good use of them.

Granddaddy was a farmer of course and before he plowed with his Farmall he plowed with a mule. He wore overalls and they were the heavy thick kind of denim! She made most of her quilts with some of those pieced into it for weight.

We were hurriedly sent down that cold hall to jump into bed and grandma would tuck us under the heavy quilts!  The keyword was heavy!  You could barely move under them and if you had to turn over you would have had trouble. When and if you had to get out of the bed you would have to call for help to do so. They were just that heavy!

Were we warm you may ask and the answer is my gosh yes we were!

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