Mar 6, 2020

Wash Your Hands! Plus Homemade Hand Sanitizer Talk

Were you raised by a mother that said that constantly?  If not I'm sorry, and then again not!  I say in jest. I had a mother that those three words 'Wash Your Hands', came out of her mouth constantly.  I've come to realize they are three very important words for healthy living, really!

If you ask me a lot of the recalls in produce as well as other things boil down to unsanitary conditions.  Hey, I worked with and ran a strawberry farm and we employed over the 20 something years many migrant workers.   Some countries are not the same as we in cleanliness and that's the truth.  I found myself saying to those hard-working individuals 'Wash Your Hands'. 

People in general just don't wash their hands near enough and that is the truth!  Some in occupations that could cause great harm to others in doing so! Take the time to just do that when needed without someone prompting you to do so, please.

Today with the Coronavirus scare retail shelves are being emptied and prices for needed items are skyrocketing, if they can be found.  There is a hand sanitizer, alcohol, aloe buying frenzy. Retail markets are beginning to price gouge and that's the truth.

The main thing to remember is "Wash Your Hands"! A little soap and water, plus taking a few extra precautions may be all that is needed.  Everything is going to be alright this too shall pass.

Talking today about this and homemade hand sanitizers, just how safe are they? 

Have plenty of soap on hand, most of us do already

Make a habit to use it

Copy the kids with their love of bubbles and make some yourself
You know sing your favorite songs while sudsing up your hands

I say stock up on plenty of soap, now before the price skyrockets

Mixtures of homemade hand sanitizers are all over the internet.  I did make some yesterday, just to have on hand with the buying frenzy that is going on now.

I say upfront this is not my mixture and the CDC recommends 60% alcohol in hand sanitizer so it is recommended to us 99% isopropyl alcohol. Which is very expensive at this point and time and almost unattainable.

Homemade hand sanitizers may not be a suitable substitution for those manufactured. The supplies are getting out of hand in cost at this time, but if you have some at home I say go for it!  Do not think it will rid you of the dangers, but as I see it until you can get to some soap and water it may help.

Please Note:

The above mixture is very runny and that is the nature of it to make it work. You can not vary the ingredients or it will render it ineffective for your needs.

I've added the spray bottles at bottom of the post that might work better when on the go better than my travel bottles in the mixture above. I do like my GoToob Containers and will use them, but you need to know to be easy when using them to prevent spilling.

I tried some Aloe that had vitamin e oil in it and it is a bit too oily. Bet it will condition your hands and not dry them out as much though. You'd definitely get to the soap and water soon with that one.

I've read that you can replace the alcohol with witch hazel, but I'm not too sure if that would kill the virus germs we are looking to kill.

It is extremely hard to find the 99% alcohol and if you can the cost is almost prohibitive! As a matter of fact, mine was made yesterday with 91% alcohol, which according to the CDC isn't strong enough either. I'm not throwing mine away, but then again there is plenty of soap and water in this household to be used. I am not advising you to make anything other than the CDC strength recommendations.

99% Isopropyl Alcohol sold at Amazon here and here Expensive and almost sold out as of now!

Alcohol Prep Pads which I have also been known to use as deodorant they are also being price gouged but until you could get to soap and water could be used, but know they most probably won't be effective in preventing some things.


I'll leave you today with this message

Calm down and wash your hands
Keep hands away from your mouth, nose, eyes
Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing
(Something we should all be doing anyway)! 
Simple right, if we'll only do it
Everything will be fine

Words of Comfort

Isiah 41:13
 For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, 
Saying to you, 'Fear not, I will help you.'

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Why 70 % Isopropyl Alcohol Is a Better Disinfect than 99% When it Comes to COVID-19


  1. I am a hand washer-as evidenced by the dry skin on my My mother only told us to wash up before we ate. lol xo Diana

    1. I am one too, and my hands well, we won't go there lol...You were blessed girlfriend, of course there were 5 of us kids and the boys and tomboy came in with hands greased and dirtied up! Daddy worked on cars and you can bet the boys were out there getting as nasty as could be. Mine probably had no choice but to say Wash your hand! With those little piggies around!
      xo Dolly

  2. I love this. I may make some for the fun of it. I keep my hands washed and always cover my grocery buggy with plastic bags from the produce section.
    As for the hand sanitizer,
    If you run out of alcohol, you can use vodka. Haha.


    1. Hey, I like  covering the buggy handle with those bags!  Thanks for the idea, I just never thought of that! The vodka I've read about that one! 
      Have a great rest of the weekend!