Mar 12, 2020


Grits, have you ever heard of them?  

I can remember traveling up north in my youth.  It hit me as surprising back then that no one up there knew what they were. They loudly said, "I don't even know what a Grit is!"  

They kept asking me questions over and over about anything to get me to talk.  Evidently the southern accent they loved!

They also said that about sweet iced tea! This young mind thought, in shock, "What have I gotten myself into?" They offered me a cup of hot tea which I accepted with a glass of ice and sugar on the side. They stood there with their mouth open watching me make my glass of sweet iced tea.  Yes, they were then in shock.

Oh, and before I forget another unknown at the time was something we call 'Fried Chicken'.  The nerve of these people baking everything! What's a southern girl to do, cook her own? 

Times sure have changed because most know what fried chicken and sweet iced tea are.  Grits the results are still out on that one.

I find that even down south here people either love or hate grits.  There seems to be no middle ground on this subject.

Today we are cooking our own 'Grits'!


  • The rule of thumb in making grits is 4 parts water to 1 part grits. Keeping that in mind you can adjust your serving sizes to suit your needs.
  • There are two types yellow or white grits
  • I find that a whisk aids in keeping the lumps down when cooking
  • Optional:  Add a tablespoon of butter to the pot when you add the grits it helps flavor and prevents the grits from sticking as badly.
  • Keep everything within reach and be careful you will be boiling water and grits when hot and bubbling can pop on you. That hurts! The pot lid should be close by.
  • After the 5 minutes of cooking take a hot pad remove lid and stir or whisk carefully. Check to see if the grits are thick and to your liking. If so turn the heat all the way down to low cover and serve soon. If they aren't thick enough then cook the remaining 2 minutes, checking often.
  • You can also keep them warm adding additional water if necessary.
  • Remember you will have to adjust your stove's heat to cook anything. My stove high =10 medium =5 and I cook my rice and grits on medium-low = 2  low = 1.
    You will soon find out what range settings for each cooking task. My settings are what works well for me.
Serve while warm.  We of course in this household use real butter.  We also tend to like a little more salt to our grits, for taste. You cook yours and decide how you like them.

My Aunt Willie Lee used to say, "What you add to or eat with your grits will give them flavor because by themselves they have very little flavor."  (she had a point)


  • Butter
  • Grated Cheese of your choice.  It will melt quickly in the hot grits.
  • Gravy such as Red Eye or White

My granddaddy always said, "Get Jim Dandy Grits, they are the best"!  We tend to like them here as well. If you like grits any are pretty good and that's a fact!  In his earlier years, he had his own corn ground into cornmeal and grits.

I hope you enjoy your grits cooking!


  1. Grits area a staple in my house. Mostly instant but my husband loves the cooked kind. I admit they are better.
    I have that accent too. When I worked, The international company in Ohio would call to ask me a question just to hear me talk. And would have me on speaker phone. Haha.
    Speaking of southern foods. You only see southerns eat Livermush too.

    1. They are a staple here too. My girls were raised on the instant kind.  They wouldn't eat the regular cooked kind. I have to say they were much easier to cook when they loved them so much!
      You do know how we are asked to speak, to just say anything.  Funny isn't it? 
      Yep, that's true I'll bet not many have ever heard of Livermush!  My daddy used to love it so much and the store on the corner of the street carried it. That man sold tons of that and the red plastic-covered rolls of bologna (baloney to us).  
      Oh, you just brought to my mind another thing the grandparents liked and I've never tried and that is Hoghead Cheese. The name always got to me so I never tried it. 
      I love the differences between our people in different areas of our country. I also love the bond we southern girls have too!


    2. I was raised in New Mexico, but my dad loved road trips. Even as a little girl I remember how delighted he'd become when, in the deep South he'd find restaurants that served grits. Nowadays I love them … particularly with cheese. And Conecuh sausage!

    3. You have fond memories through your dad. That is so sweet and thank you for sharing.  You know some things like music and food remind us of people and places. Yum I love the cheese and sausage too!

  2. I love grits ! Grits are very popular here in Ecuador and when I came here married to my hubby, some 45 years ago I learned a delicious dish with them. You might like to try it, simple and easy.

    Scrambled Grits:

    1/2 cup cooked grits
    Such memories food bring us, specially of our childhood.
    2 eggs beaten
    Green onions chopped, about 2-3 sprigs

    In a pan add some butter and drop all of it and scramble it.
    It is delicious !

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story.
    Keep safe.

    1. Fabby,
      It is so great to hear from you! Thank you so much for the recipe. I'm definitely going to try it, because I know you're a wonderful cook!
      I sure hope you will be safe, you and the family. I'll be praying for all!