Feb 16, 2021

Kitchen Curtains

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(We all know this isn't me but I liked the picture)

I am on a search for curtains to go on the small kitchen window above our sink. 

I would truly love to have none because it is so beautiful out here.  Looking out of that window so many things can be seen.  Wildlife that comes up from the swamps, beautiful birds and in the changing seasons colors changing and flowers blooming. 

That isn't an option though and I hesitate to say this because we have missed the sunlight for so long here.  Raining non stop has taken a toll.  But it has to be said the sun coming in that window in the Spring and especially the Summer is just too overpowering not to have something to dim.

You would think that would be easy enough but for me?  Oh no not me not the easy way to anything.  Think plan and then rethink that's me.  How about you?  What type of curtains hang in your kitchen?

Today the search for the perfect addition for our window.  Some that would cover the top at least and allow for room to see out of the window.  

Thankfully today the sun is shining!  Yay!  Now on to the curtain search.

Maybe I'm thinking as I drink a cup of coffee.  Maybe I already know what I will make.  Simple in color and style.  That seems to work best for me and stand the test of time. The thing is I get really bored with certain designs quickly. 

The first pair I hung were white I copied Carly with hers and they were simply embroidered in the shape of soft roman shades with tie strings.  Loved them but they rotted in the heat of the bright sun. They were purchased.

The last ones I made were from Italian tea towels shown here.

Talk about simple.

It's time to take them down because they are getting on my nerves.  I will pull the threads give them a good washing and actually use the tea towels.  They still have life.

In the sewing room sits a cabinet full of fabrics so I think I'll go into it and start choosing from that stash.  I'll either show you the choices made or the curtains made.

They will be plain and hopefully blend in with everything so as not to distract.  I don't like things to be too industrial looking because to me that is cold.  Nor do I want to go back to the 80s with so many ruffles.  The curtains were so heavy you could barely keep them hanging in the wall.  I loved them then but no longer. 

Do any of you remember the huge fully gathered many times over curtains with lace/crocheted edges?  Similar to these in the picture below.  These are for sale now if you still like them they can be found.

I think gingham check is in my mind but not sure.  The curtains below in natural would be more to my liking now.

photo credit

They are called Bartlett Curtains

Buffalo Check Kitchen Tier sets

I have some Toile fabric so who knows?
Not me right now

photo credit

Ellis Victoria Park Toile Curtains

My searching led me to the website Paul's Home Fashions since 1949.  The last few pictures are from their site.  I've never shopped with them but they seem to have quite a lot of items for the home.

Kitchen Curtains Pinterest Search

Amazon Affiliate Link:  Kitchen Curtain Search

Back to my Fabric Stash

I will probably be making my curtains.  Looking at my fabric that seems to be the thing to do.  My machine is collecting dust these days and definitely needs some action. 

Hopefully I'll be back soon and with a pair of curtains hanging in the window!

What do you have hanging in your kitchen window?

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  1. I haven't updated my kitchen windows, but put a new lace sheer up on my front door. I posted pictures. I also got new curtains for our hallway and put window film on a long window by my side door and absolutely love it. Posted pictures on my blog for that too. However, one lace valance I ordered from Amazon came in a packets literally looked like a rag (it was a cut piece of some sort of fabric). I ordered one from the Vermont Country store. Many of their curtains are USA made.

    1. Oh those sound so great with exception Amazon that is sad. I hope you sent them back what a mess. I really like Vermont Country Store and have found some pretty cute things from there. Thanks for reminding me of them!
      I'm going over now to see yours. Thanks Kristina!