Feb 19, 2021

Houseplants Their Care and Air Purifying Qualities

I miss mama she could remember the names of plants and for the life of me, they go right out of my head. Once again I'm on a search for the perfect houseplants. This will be my houseplant journal.  I found a great many of them that are excellent for purifying the air.  How great is that?  Something that adds beauty to any room and cleans the air at the same time.  Sounds good to me.

House Plants I'm Considering
Most I've Owned In The Past

Aloe Vera

Photo by Kevin Bessat on Unsplash

Aloe Vera How to Care For from The Old Farmer's Almanac

My sister Gwen just gave me one and I am enjoying it in the kitchen window!  Happy to have one I killed the last.  

Snake Plant

Toxic to humans and pets if ingested

Snake Plant How To Care For Snake Plants from The Old Farmer's Almanac

Dracaena Trifasciata Information

More Infomation Here

This is a houseplant I've owned before.  It can be propagated with a leaf cutting in a little water.

Spider Plants

Credit photo

I've had these before and love the babies that grow and hang below makes for many plants in the future.  Mama Dot inspired anything in the garden that makes more is always better.  Just as Perennials are better in the long run than annuals.  We always added the annuals too for pretty season blooming as well though.

Spider Plants Growing Spider Plants from The Old Farmer's Almanac

These are great at purifying the air  We could all use them anytime but especially now when so many are at home more.

Years ago, NASA studied ways to provide fresh air in enclosed spaces and tested 19 different species to see if they would be effective at cleaning the air. They found that in just 24 hours 87% of the formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene was removed from the air by the leaves and roots of the plants, while oxygen was returned to the room.

The best news is that the most effective toxic avengers are common, low-light houseplants!

You can read all about some of these plants:

Best Air-Purifying Houseplants from The Old Farmer's Almanac 

Info is taken from the above article
  • English Ivy
  • The Peace Lily
  • Varigated Snake Plant
  • Spider Plants
  • Bromeliads
  • Dracaena
  • Weeping Fig
  • Rubber plants
  • Golden pothos
  • Areca palms
  • Philodendrons
Two flowering plants fared well in testing
Chrysanthemums and Gerbera daisies

  • Chinese evergreens
  • Reed or Bamboo Palms
  • Boston Ferns
  • Aloe Vera
  • Bird of Paradise
The article specifies that only one or two plants per 100 square feet of floor space are recommended for maximum benefit. Read more at the link displayed above.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm Growing Ponytail Palms from The Old Farmer's Almanac

I've had one of these and it lasted a long time but I think I eventually killed it with root rot.  I'm beginning to see something houseplants and I have in common.  Evidently, I kill them!  Oh, the shame. I guess gardening in the outdoors is different because I have a green thumb there.  Sadly I need to learn the care of indoor plants.  Not giving up will try again.  A little prayer may help it sure can't hurt.  The grandson and I prayed over an almost dead tree and that thing came back and is thriving today.

Jade Plant

credit photo and info: Growing Jade Plants The Old Farmer's Almanac 

I've had them in the past and love that they are so easy to make new plants with a leaf or stem cutting.
Read about this houseplant in the credit link above.  This was very easy to care for.  I don't remember if mine died but I think I gave it to Mama.


credit:  Clemson Cooperative Extension Home & Garden Information

Information is included in the credit link above 

I guess we had a dwarf  Schefflera version but I'm not sure.  Mama gave it to me and when she did it was over 6 feet tall.  I kept it in my home in a room with a 9-foot ceiling and it grew to be extremely tall I venture to say it was 8 feet tall.  One year we used it as a Christmas tree. I loved that tree.  Wish I could remember the age but it eventually did die.

Things To Do:

  • Find houseplants
  • Make a decision on curtain fabric
  • Take care of Chuck

 I caught him off guard with the picture

He isn't feeling so well my sidekick has to have surgery very soon.  Please keep him in prayer if you will I don't like him being sick. Thank you in advance!

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