Apr 18, 2021

Blueberry Plants and Their Care


I like blueberries, some in the family love them!

Blueberry Inspiration

Last year I put out two new varieties and am excited to see what they will produce!

I know it takes time but that doesn't make it any easier to wait for these plump bites of deliciousness.

 Let's talk blueberries.

Blueberry Plants Need:

Two Cross-Pollinating Varieties are needed

Full Sun

Acidic Soil


1 to 2 inches of rain per week

Good Drainage is needed in the planting location

Bushes can be planted as close as 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart, but for growing singly should be spaced 6 feet apart. If you plant in rows space the rows at least 8 feet apart.

Pinch off blooms on young plants to ensure the energy is going into plant growth until established for the first year or two.

Netting (because birds love them)

No pruning is needed on young plants for the first 4 years at least, but always remove dead limbs if there are any.  You can start pruning at 6 years or so.


Do not fertilize when first planting.  Wait until leaves have reached full size and then add 1 Tablespoon of a special azalea fertilizer (10-5-4, 10-8-8, or 11-7-7) within a circle 12 inches away from each plant. Double the rules at 6-week intervals.  *see Clemson link for more info.

Keep in mind they don't need Nitrogen.  I found several Acidic Fertilizers at Tractor Supply.  I'll let you know how they work for me.

Video with Garden Answer. for our neighbors more to the North

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This blog is a journal of sorts for me and very helpful.  I hope it helps you as well. I know we can all search for any topic but it's good for me to have it on hand when needed.

Have a great day!

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