Apr 19, 2021

Yellow Jessamine aka Carolina Jasmine, Carolina Jessamine,

Our South Carolina Official State Flower!  What a fantastic display it was this year!  It was out in all of its glory blooming more throughout the pine and maple trees here.  In fact, it was quite a flower show!  More so than in the years past.

The Yellow or Carolina Jessamine/Jasmine ((Gelsemium Simpervirens) became our state flower on March 14, 1924.  A little bit of history for you there.  Some call it Jessomine some Jassmine both are acceptable if you want to you can read more about it here

I'm guilty of taking certain things for granted. Sometimes something so prolific and natural to an area is ignored. 

These pictures were taken on March 29th.  I'm so glad we live in the country and have trees and natural things blooming to enjoy.  I for one intend to enjoy them even more.  

Jessamine is Highly Toxic read more here at Clemson Home & Garden, or here.  As long as you don't eat any part of it or touch the sap you should be fine even to plant in your garden landscape.  Since it is a native climber it should live for years and years.  

Mine is close enough in the wooden area so I'll enjoy it from there for now.  It is very beautiful. 

The Garden Helpers
I love these two grand-pets
They do enjoy it when we're out with them

Mar 29, 2021: Oh my, how lovely!  Have you seen the beauty in the trees now?  It is yellow and I'm not talking about the tons of tree pollen but the Yellow Jessamine?  The trees that surround our house are filled with it this year and it is gorgeous! 

Tiny Pine Cones covered in pollen March 29, 2021
Thankfully that has passed!

Did I say pollen tree pollen?  We've had more than our share this year for sure.  Everything was covered in it. 

The Jessamine climbing all through the Pine trees out here, those and the Maple trees and fallen limbs.  We have lots to clean and clear out here this year one of our goals. 

The Carolina Jasmine bloomed well over a month and was a joy to see.
I see now that the Honeysuckle is starting to bloom!
Hooray, another native plant to enjoy sight and smell!

Friends, please be in prayer for Diana

To know her is to love her.
She is having surgery today.

Thank you!

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