Jun 24, 2021

A Quick Garden Tour

Good Morning! I hope your day is off to a good start! Oh, how I love this time of year when things are growing and blooming.  Don't you?  

The colors are out of this world!  Let's take a garden walk.  

The hummingbirds love this area.  I like that they hover around me while I am gardening here.  They sound like tiny helicopters or huge bumblebees buzzing overhead.

There are more buds to bloom hanging on these Hydrangeas, I'm excited to see them in full bloom especially since the late frosts we had killed off many of them.  I'll try to remember to share when they are full.

(you see who is lurking in the background )

These are the most beautiful daylilies

This Four O'clock is over 40 years old and has a history behind it! If you like you can read more about it here.

Zinnias What a pretty sight they always are!  The butterflies and bees really are attracted to them.  They make it a joy to see them enjoy the flowers.

I started these in the MircleGro Aerogarden with the Seed Starter attachment.  Under the light, they sprout some seeds almost overnight!

On this day they were just beginning to bloom.  I see plenty of buds so it won't be long now!

This one loves hanging nearby just in case he is needed

Oskar as you may know is my gardening sidekick and is never more than a footstep away.  He takes his job very seriously.  He really does he helps me garden picks my berries hmmm and eats them.  

The chicken pen is his duty as well.  He will bark and herd them out (of the entire pen if he can.  He sets them free!) and he does this as fast as he can.  He also reminds me when I forget to give him his pay. (a treat)

We all know he isn't far away from the strawberry patch at any given minute!  Today he is checking out my leafy pine straw I raked up. I'm missing the clean straw we usually get from our neighborhood nursery.

This has been a faithful bloomer

The tomato plants are really loaded! I can't wait until they ripen!  Had my first homegrown tomato sandwich with a tomato from a neighborhood farmer.  I can't wait to have one of my own from here.

Look at these beauties.  Uh Oh, I spy something green and it has legs!  Do you see that thing?  I'll give you a hint upper left corner.

A fuzzy closer look at this critter.  He is hanging upside down and devouring the plants.

A Tomato Hornworm
Farmer's Almanac info here

Enough of that I've had to pull about seventeen off of six plants in a week's time!  I usually have the young ones here to help as shown in the post We Have Worms At Mimi Camp.

(don't ya be looking at the weeds now cause I'm gonna get them later)

The Chimney Sweep birds chose not to build but they fly in daily to sing and speak to us.
They are a joy to watch

Are you ready to get some exercise and have fun doing it?
Let's walk the 1/4 mile driveway and talk.

The fields are plowed and crops planted.  It is seldom that fields are plowed like this anymore but I'm loving it. This reminds me of my granddaddy's plowing.  He would plow the fields so fine until it sifted through your fingers so smoothly.  

I hope you enjoyed our garden tour
I'll be back soon I'm off now to fry some okra!


  1. Dolly, your flowers are beautiful! I especially love those blue hydrangeas! I picked my first tomato yesterday so it won’t be long now!!!

    1. Hi Jane! Alright you have your first tomato! I'm excited. Thank you! I know you have beautiful gardens!

  2. Everything looks so pretty and healthy. Hydrangeas are always a favorite.

  3. Beautiful gardens!! I wish I could grow hydrangeas....they just don't like our desert type climate...which sounds weird being so close to the Pacific Ocean...but its true...we are dry and will get quite hot....the tomato hornworms turn into lovely lunar moths....maybe kiddos can get them to turn in a butterfly house....those things are about as big as hummingbirds....

    1. We do have quite a number of the beautiful lunar moths here and like them a lot. I just can't get a crop of tomatoes for them at times. Trying to discourage them rather than kill them and so far it seems to be working.

  4. I enjoyed your story on the garden walk. Are those eggs behind the daylilly?? It's in one of your pictures

    1. Hi Patty. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the walk. No, I think maybe you see the flower seed pods behind the daylily. I've forgotten the name of the plant I brought it here from my mama's garden.