Oct 19, 2021

New Pressure and Water Bath Canners

Do you can?  I still do!  
Today's topic is canning in the new electric appliances.
Join me as I show the products purchased this year for my home canning.

You can't beat the traditional Presto Home Canner.  I've had one for many years but sometimes you have to try and use other methods.

New Products:  Ball Electric Water Ball Canner, Presto Digital Canner, Instant Pot Max for canning.

Our range just doesn't do well with my old stovetop canner pictured above.  The Presto Stovetop Home Canner is the best ever and I will hang onto it because it is the safest most used according to the FDA. Now truthfully if I had a gas range or exposed elements on my range I'd still be using that one for sure.  For those of you who do have those types of stoves:
I recommend it highly!

This is the best and known for safety in home canning.
This home canner has been approved by the USDA & 
Has been used for years by many, including myself.

I need to get Chuck to make an outdoor cooker for use with my old favorite canner above!  I fought hard before purchasing these newest products but frankly, I had no choice my newest stove couldn't handle the weight of the Presto stove top home canner. So, if your stove can't handle the best canner noted above here are a few of the newest products on the market that I've personally used.

The Ball Electric Water Bath Canner
is one thing I never would have thought I'd ever need, but then I did.  Do I like it?  Surprisingly for me, I do! 

* Remember you can only water bath certain foods others have to be processed with pressure for safety. Be sure to get a Ball Blue Book for Canning. 
It is very convenient and easy to use! You set up the heating for warming the jars that is a plus, then you load the jars and turn the knob to the canning position.  How easy is that?  I can tell you very easy!

 I recommend!  

The Presto Digital Pressure Canner pictured above is a new addition to our home.  It takes some getting used to as all new appliances do, but I really like it!  This canner is electric.

I'm a long-time traditional pressure canner.  Yes for almost 50 years! (unbelievable). That's a long time to use a certain method.

My thoughts on this Presto Canner:
  I can say it is very convenient to use and makes it possible to actually do something else while it does the job!  I know it is new but advises you to use the FDA canning recipes for safety.  I did that and so far so good.  

Our Clemson Extension Canning Advisor told me that with the appliances I'd purchased that this Presto is probably the best.  I canned some of our tomatoes, fresh corn, and green beans with this one.

I recommend but use caution!
Use recipes from the Ball Blue Book and the USDA Complete Guide To Home Canning Book!

The Instant Pot Max pictured above is another new multi-use cooker that can be used as a canner!  I did can some fresh corn and green beans with this appliance.  

This one can be used as you would use any Instant Pot for cooking as well.  In that respect, you may use this one more.  

I recommend this appliance with a little reluctance
I recommend but use caution!
Use recipes from the Ball Blue Book and the USDA Complete Guide To Home Canning Book!

Time, use, and more research may take that reluctance away for the canning process.
It is still so new and without USDA approval as of yet, it could have shortcomings.
Time will tell

Below are a few videos that helped me and they may help you.

The Video Below Shows A Testing of Meat Sauce
The Presto Digital Did Not Make It Into The Botulism Kill Zone
I Do Not Recommend Making Thick Meat Sauces In This Pot.

October 2021

The Following Video Concerns Some Questions Some Extension Services Have 
About The Ball Blue Book Now

September 2021

Adding Another Video from Rosered Homestead
Nesco Smart Canner
October 23, 2021

Happy and Safe Home Canning!

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