Oct 26, 2021

Product Book Review: The Prepper's Guide To Surviving PANDEMICS, BIOTERRORISM, AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE By William W. Forgey, MD

I know, I know we are all so tired of hearing about this mess and wish/pray to God it would go away but it is still here.  We all have to deal with it in our own way.  

Doc Forgey is a very knowledgeable man and I could go on and on with his affiliations/organizations but you can read some of them here if you wish.  

It amazes me how some can do so much in their lifetime.  He definitely is one that amazes me in this way! He not only has done but continues to do many things.

Today I'm reviewing his latest book The Prepper's Guide To Surviving PANDEMICS, BIOTERRORISM, AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE.  This book covers so much ground in a little space that it too is amazing. Hit the link to see more about it and the chapters included in the book.

I like the fact that he discusses what he knows.  He does so with facts and not taking any one side.  He states things fairly. You be the judge with the information given as we all should be. Information on any subject is a good thing to have in any circumstance.  

Doc is, among many things, the founder/advisor for the nonprofit Health Corps Haiti-Medical Students Missions, Inc. You can see a video that speaks about his missions here. Medical Student Missions website here

While you are on the Media link check out the wilderness survival tips Doc Forgey gave on a CBS This Morning Interview.  A child was lost they talked with him as well.  The Doc gave pointers on how to survive in the wilderness in certain circumstances.  How to find water build a shelter among many things. See that interview here

I especially liked when the Prepper's Broadcasting Network did a podcast here on the book.  Doc Forgey gave an excellent interview about this book and how he personally feels about some particular topics. Also, the last podcast with Becoming Disciplined is a good one as well.

The Covid-19 Survival Guide


I am sharing some things that stuck in my head while reading and researching the book. 

Dr. Forgey is the first to say this book is written in the middle of the Pandemic when all is absolutely not known. It is like writing about WWII in the middle of it. 

My memory may not be totally accurate but I do believe he stated that things could have been given to us, the public, in a more straightforward way with the information and the reasoning behind the information.  I for one believe we wouldn't be so distrustful of those in charge if the information given had been done so in a more honest way. 

He gives reasons for most things and I like that. The information he gives is easy to understand and helps. (don't get me wrong this is a brilliant doctor and I believe you may have to be one to understand some of the facts, but nonetheless, the information is there and I like it.)
Some stories stuck with me. I'll let you read about them in Chapter 3 in the book but they are eye-opening. We may think we're being safe but then things have a way of catching up to you.
I was also amazed as to the church choir story and how many became sick singing sadly two died.

Did you know there are 5 different 4 major tests for COVID?  
Alright without giving all of the details in the book will say this:
For tests to be accurate Timing is Critical!  NOW that chapter has lots of information!  Information that we've not heard much about but is crucial to know what is going on and the reason for false readings have happened.

He goes on to explain all about Mutations and Strains

Healthcare Costs and Overreporting as well as some Underreporting of the disease.

He discusses:  Vaccines, Immunity Tests Immunity Passports 

Chapter 11 deals with Fomites, Aerosols, and Face Masks.
Surfaces and their dangers.  The effects of light, temperature, and humidity on the virus.

Clean, Clear, Be Mindful of your surroundings, and take the needed precautions to keep your family and yourself safe.

are safer than adults. It is good to know that they do not develop the high viral load like adults do. He stated that it appears safe for them to be masked and 3 feet apart in a closed space.

Masks do not prevent all germs from entering the body but do reduce the number!

He even has patterns for homemade masks.

Social distancing and masks do help to prevent the spread of the disease. He talks of Bioterrorism as well. I found his Chapters on Plagues of the past to be very interesting.  I sure didn't know of so many and the effects they've had on entire civilizations! 

Doc Forgey states that masked, distanced, and immunized individuals can become overloaded with the disease particles and still become overwhelmed.  He then goes on to talk about the immunizations and boosters and the reasoning behind it all.  

I could go on and on and actually should stop because I don't need to give away all of the information you need to actually buy the book to have on hand.  It is so full of useful information and is a good guide to have on hand.

No matter where you stand on masks, distancing and immunizations the information is in the book.  We have the information now as to what we as individuals choose to do with the information it is our decision. I am a firm believer in freedom of choice. The thing is gathering good information is never a bad idea. Taking precautions is never a bad idea.

Product Review Results

I do indeed recommend it!  This book is very informative and I do believe a good thing to have around.

Disclosure: William W. Forgey, MD donated the book for review, but I can tell you if you don't know me that always reviews are my own and be they good or bad truthful.

I've done a post on another of his excellent books.  The Prepper's Medical Handbook. 

You may purchase a copy now from Amazon 


Disclosure: I am no longer an Amazon Affiliate and no proceeds will come to me. 





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