Dec 18, 2021

Homemade Tomato Sauce Using Ball Harvest Pro Sauce Maker and Ball Water Bath Canner

July canning with these Ball appliances.  Found in the post drafts so hey, why not get it out and available for next year's canning/preserving information.  *Plus this blog is a journal for me as well and I know I'll find it helpful.  I hope you do too.

Christmas is almost here and I'm excited but also looking forward to the new year and growing season!  

The love of preserving has been inherited from my wonderful family members for generations.  I'm really glad and it doesn't hurt to be as self-sufficient as possible.  If it saves money in the long run and provides for your family it's all the better.

Ball FreshTech Electric Water Bath Canner

Bed Bath & Beyond has one at this moment $114.99.  

A more reasonable price than I paid for it.  In case you're interested in one.

I'm posting as I put the notes in

Holds 7-quart jars

Prepare jars by washing and be sure to check the rims for chips or cracks

Wash your new lids and caps in warm not hot soapy water rinse of course and set aside or warm only in water on the stove.  Don't boil the lids.

Place the water bath canner next to the sink

I added the marble countertop saver underneath mine after having a draining mishap.

*Important Note it helps before warming water to pre-drain a little water from the canner to make sure it is going properly drain into the sink and not spill all over your countertop* I raised mine up on top of a marble countertop saver and it works well for me.*

Add at least 2 inches of water and then turn the canner to medium

Put the canning rack in the bottom of the canner. Don't forget this it prevents the jars from breaking.

Turn the canner knob to the right to medium

Fill jars at least halfway with warm water and place them into the canner.  It helps to keep a stockpot with water on the stove warm for use in canning.

Fill canner with warm or hot tap water to cover the jars and place the lid on pot


Simmer 10 minutes 
This warms the prewashed jars to prepare for canning

Heat  the food if you're preheating your food or add hot water if cold packing jars

Remove and empty water from the jars into the sink to then fill with food to be canned

Add the metal diffuser to the top of the jars.

Turn setting on the dial to process for canning procedure

Time appropriate to contents of the jars for safe preserving consult your USDA for safe food preserving.

After processing the time turn the canner off


Carefully remove the hot lid away from your face and set aside.

Wait 5 minutes

Drain the water out with the spigot before removing jars * see the note above*

Remove the steaming and diffuser rack

Remove the jars placing on a towel or rack to cool away from drafts

Leave 1 to 2 inches between each jar to allow for even cooling

Cool for at least 12 hours (I usually wait for 24 hrs myself) and test for a seal


Especially for those of us who can't water bath on our new stovetop!

Making & Preserving Tomato Sauce 

Last night

I began by washing the little Roma Tomatoes then cutting them into quarters.

I used the Sauce Maker to remove the seeds peelings and pulp from the tomatoes (I love that thing)!

I put the sauce in the fridge overnight it was late and I was tired.

This morning around 11 am I put the tomatoes on the stove on medium-high heat in their pots without the lids so they could cook down and thicken. Be sure to watch and stir at intervals to make sure the sauce isn't sticking to the pots.

That process took 2 hours

While I was doing that I washed prepared and heated the jars in the new Water bath canner. That was a breeze.  Use hot water and that makes the process goes more quickly.

I am used to warming my lids and screw caps on low in a pot of water *note that water comes in handy like today when I filled the water bath with it to cover the jars to the maximum water level in the canner.

My Notes* 

I got the tomato sauce in the jars and into the water bath canner and began heating from warm to the canning cycle at 1:30 pm it began to boil for timing at 1:53.

Finished canning my tomato sauce at 2:33 cooled it for 5 minutes used the spigot to pour the water out of the canner removed the diffuser rack and jars and at 2:50 all jars were on towel cooling. 

I was thrilled that the box of Roma tomatoes we purchased locally for $20 with only a few too ripe with bad places on them had to be removed.  

I was also thrilled that the amount of sauce after I cooked down for 2 hours to thicken fit exactly into 7 quarts. It was a great day!

I never thought that I'd like to go to the expense of such equipment

These new stovetops are just not able to handle the added weight of water bath pots filled with water and jars filled with food

So, I now have two Ball FreshTech electric appliances that are well used and appreciated.


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