Jun 5, 2022

Petunias, Verbena, and Lemon Bee Balm

I really like the pink, purple, lavender, and white combinations.  Petunias and verbena are all-time favorites with us.  The newest in this mixture is the Lemon Bee Balm.  It is delicate and pretty.  The pollinators love it for sure.  It is always covered with bees and butterflies.  I've yet to make tea from it but I've heard it's good. Today sharing pictures of these little beauties in the cute white planters.

The Bee Balm seems to be dancing above the planters

Soon after planting

Ten days after planting

In the background, there are two more planters filled with a pink and white garden

It is a little behind the purple garden
Plus the petunias are a smaller variety 
I'm hoping the tiniest blooms don't become hidden by the larger.
We'll see but I think they'll be pretty anyway

Same plants two weeks later look at the growth
This is taken from above




I purchased the seed from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in 2021
These came back up early this spring for 2022

Lemon Bee Balm 

I'll leave you today with this shot of a very grassy flower bed
I'm working little by little to put my gardens back in order and 
Excited about making new flower beds!

The vegetable garden is going full force. Wild critters are trying to eat it up but I'm working to prevent too much damage. 

Cucumbers, cabbage, and strawberries are coming in strong.  Squash plants are loaded with blooms, we will have lots if I can keep the blame squash bugs away!  

Oh, I almost forgot the tomatoes are loading up the plants! I can't wait for the first slice of tomato, bacon lettuce, and tomato sandwich I can practically taste the fried green tomatoes!

Happy Gardening!

Petunias and Verbenas - Proven Winners Home Depot

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