May 30, 2022

Memorial Day

'Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Kids'
83rd. Chemical Mortar Battalion
One came home and one didn't
Memorial Day

Memorial Day to all who fight or protect our country in any way I thank you.  To the ones that this particular day is all about I honor you.  You gave your all and we remember on this day.

The photo above hung in the living room of my parents home my entire life.  The soldier on the left is my daddy and hero.  The soldier on the right was his buddy and I believe daddy said his sergeant.  I can't be positive about that it was just in my memories.

I never heard my daddy mention his name, only that he had been right next to him when he was killed in action.  Those three words have so much meaning 'Killed in Action', even as a child I knew how important that was and how sad. 
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  1. Your posted photo is so profound: ''one came home n one did not'' - it brought tears for me to read that! I completely do not agree with war! We live near Russia n Ukraine: both are equal victims - both needs help n salvation.

    1. War is so heartbreaking and I don't like it either. You live near two very volatile areas for sure. Prayer for both for all.