Jul 25, 2022


Joseph Bjork contacted me on behalf of him and his wife Aubrey. They are the husband-and-wife team who run Good and Basic Manufacturing. This design team 3-D Print and Sell Products. He asked if we would be willing to do a product review on one of their products a 3-D Spinning Wheel with accessories.

I have to admit the thought of spinning wool was very intriguing! We have a friend who has a wonderful sheep farm and spins.  We love her work.  

I explained to him that we had no experience in spinning wool but would love to learn. We accepted his offer.  Today's post is a review of their 3-D Spinning Wheel.

Keep in mind we are giving a product review on something we've never done before.  We will give others a beginner's view of this product.

Joseph Bjork

Box Opening

Catie Unpacking The Box

We received the spinning wheel parts, two wool combs, a drop spindle, and a wool hackleShe watched the assembly video and read the instruction pamphlet then went to work.

Going through the parts list and checking 

I chose the primary color: red and secondary: blue

Hard at work

She said the instructions were simple to follow and put together, but there were a lot of screws.  There was some difficulty with the screws at times  The important holes were already pre-drilled   

Almost Finished!

She's mighty pretty!

Ran into a problem with one of the wool combs.  There were a lot of nails to drive into the 3D-printed plastic and it cracked.  She gave it the old college try but became so frustrated that she gave up on this part of the project and used hair picks as combs. 

Joseph sent some raw wool for us to use

It was dirty so she decided to wash it for use

Top combed wool, Bottom washed wool

 It was a little tricky to spin so she purchased some lavender wool roving and used it for more spinning.

Drop Spindle

She tried many more times and then decided to use the drop spindle.  That was an easy spin.  

 This was A quick try at spinning the lavender.

A side view




For The Good and Basic Spinning Wheel Kit

In Conclusion

  • Joseph was always there to answer our many questions. That was nice.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • Catie did learn to use and spin in a very short time, so it can be done. She is a natural and has little to no trouble spinning.  I watched her in awe as she spun so smoothly. I wish I'd gotten a video to show you.
  • However,  I have a problem spinning. I press the right pedal too hard when spinning. I don't find it easy to use, but then again I've yet to master knitting. I've yet to master spinning at all.  I hate to admit it, but I won't be outdone. I will master this thing one day and when I do I'll update here more thoroughly.
  • Check out the spinning tutorial video above Joseph has published!

It took talent to design and make these products.  They are innovative, to say the least!  Check the company and products out! He is a giving person and shares with all the designs that are used for personal use only.

My sincere thanks to Joseph and Aubrey Bjork for this spinning wheel and the accompanying products!

Product Information

Joseph and Aubrey Bjork Owners

Good And Basic Manufacturing

His designs are available for free for personal use via Thingiverse


You can see more from his shop on this ETSY site.

Full Disclosure: We received these products without cost to use for a product review.  As always we give a true and accurate description as we see it.

my personal notes for later use *you can see the dowel in the instruction video above at the 14:29 minute point.  *I've placed that here in the post for future reference and just in case you may experience this as well. The pivot can be adjusted in this area. I may need that information.

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