Oct 8, 2022

Drilling a New Well

I'm so excited to get this well and pump in! Let me introduce you to Miller's Well Drilling. We met them and more of their family when we were building Hibiscus House.  They installed the first well here on the property, which by the way is still being used.  

You know that I garden a lot and have many chickens that need water.  Plus, you never know when you may want or need a water source that isn't powered by electricity. 

I thought at first I would put a well closer to the chicken yard but have since changed my mind. I chose a spot between the house, gardens, and the chicken yard. That will give us a source close to all.

Today I'm sharing the drilling of another well.

The Miller's Well Drilling Team Ernie, Jammy, and Hunter

This family group has worked together for so long that they rarely have to speak, they each know instinctively what to do and when to do it. This team functions like clockwork!

I have to say they were very mannerly and patient because Chuck was watching and talking. I went out several times with the camera in hand to take pictures! I mean it was entertaining to see them in action.  My daddy Carl would have said to us, "Y'all go on now and let these men work".  We couldn't help it, daddy.  It was fun to watch!

A company's good work and 'word of mouth' are the best advertisements any can have. The Millers fit that description to a 'T'. If we ever need them they're always there to help.  

This one wasted no time checking out the truck, but when the drilling began he ran!

Hunter and Jammy preparing for the drill and runoff
Y'all they found some mighty pretty seashells here in the drilling!

Ernie hard at work

Jammy, Ernie, and Hunter

Putting the test pump on

They seem happy, it must be going good

We have water!

Cloudy for now, but pumping will clear that up


I still use the strawberry field buckets after all these years!
It's true I went out when the hurricane was coming to pump water for the first time. A dear friend said, "Only Dolly would go out in the middle of a storm and pump water!"  It's true! Excuse my hurricane hair, getting frizzier by the minute!

You can see the water in the bucket (center photo above) is clear. Looks like pumping will clear the water up nicely.

This is a Harvard Pitcher Pump HPP10,  heavy duty cast iron, dark green rugged powder coated finish.

Two Quick Videos

In closing: We're so happy to have another source of water on the property and this is one small way of prepping.  I will use the pump and in fact, I already am. At this moment I am contemplating what kind of enclosure we will put around the new hand pump.  I will update you with a post later on the enclosure and the pump itself. Locals see company information below if you'd like one of these on your property.

We had this put in the day before Hurricane Ian! 

Bad weather was heading our way and we had no way of knowing just how bad it would get here.

Thankfully the hurricane didn't do any damage here

 So many others in its path did suffer loss and damage

 Please be in prayer for all.

Service Product Review:
We Highly Recommend them!

Miller's Well Drilling Darlington, SC 

900 Society Hill Rd.

Darlington, SC 29540

Contact: 843-393-5327

They work within a 50-mile radius


  1. That is so interesting and very smart to have another water source. Glad Hurricane missed y'all - us too. We have much to be thankful for. Prayers for South Fla.

    1. It really was for me too. Thank you Eileen and I'm so glad it missed y'all too! We really do have a lot to be thankful for. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend. As always it is so good to hear from you.