Sep 24, 2022

Late Summer and Into Fall Blooms Plus Baby Copperheads!

I need to paint the Garden Cabin but somehow it seems so peaceful and rustic with its worn paint.  That will be a project for the future. 

Simple and inexpensive flowers bring such beauty to the gardens. I love checking to see the new blooms every morning!  It makes me smile!  I hope they put a smile on your face as I share them with you today.

We are enjoying just this week's cooler days!  What a relief! 

Marigolds and Zinnias

I planted these throughout the vegetable garden to bring in the wonderful pollinators.  They've done that and much more.

The Marigolds and Zinnias grow so well here. Sowing your own seeds seems to make them even hardier!  They have bloomed all summer long and are still blooming like crazy!

Grandma was right when she told me I was wasting money and time and I needed to plant more flowers from seeds.

These pictures were taken just a few days ago and we're already into the second day of Fall!  I am amazed to tell you the truth.  

The extreme heat actually started here in March and pretty much has stayed with us until the last few days.  We are really enjoying the cooler days. 


I planted these from seeds saved from last year's flowers!  It's wise to save as many seeds as you can because they've become quite expensive!  Not to mention how little you get in a pack these days.  In the past, you would get hundreds now you may get as little as 15 seeds with some items.

I didn't separate the different varieties of Zinnia seeds from last year.  But you know what? It's fun to see just exactly what you'll have if you don't label each type.  It makes for a surprising display of beautiful and different blooms.

Look at this beautiful creature

My gloves and Mama's shovel I love so much ready for work

I still have okra bearing over to the right you may be able to see the plants. 

The little wagon in the background is full of weeds from summer clean-up

I neglected to take a picture of this beauty when it was first in bloom

Even though it is drying up it is still a show stopper

Many blooms still

I've yet to decorate for Fall but these little dillies are shining and decoration enough for now!

I hope you're enjoying some cooler temperatures 
We've worked so hard in the hot summer garden that I've neglected to post any of the harvests.
Better late than never I will post some so I'll have them as a photo journal of 
The 2022 year in gardening!

Before I Forget!
Beware of the baby Copperheads you may have in your area.
I had one at my feet this past week in the garden and had to kill it.
My son-in-law may pick them up and put them back into the woods.
Not Me!

TC Morrow posted this on Facebook 

It's baby copperhead season! Copperheads like damp areas, so watch around toys, dog bowls, flower pots, etc.
ALSO, wear closed shoes out in the grass in case you step on one. They are tiny, but they can inject a large dose of venom because they lack the control of the adults. Baby copperheads have a yellow/green tail tip – an additional way to ID.

I'm going to be putting in a new well for an old-timey pitcher hand pump
I can't wait to pump some fresh cold water!
You never know when you'll need another source of water.

Take care now and watch out for snakes!


  1. Thank you for the blog about swept yards, it felt very home-y and brought back good memories!