Mar 24, 2023

In The Kitchen & Garden Tips

When in the heck am I not in the kitchen? Hmm, I'm pondering that now. I love to cook. It's an inherited love as I've watched my mother and grandmothers before her.

There comes a time even when you really like doing something that it becomes a JOB!  We can't have that now, can we?  WELL, can we?  Today's topic taking the time to GET out of the Kitchen!

Sharing a few tips today:

My mama taught me how to tenderize meats using the side of a saucer. I watched her many days pounding the meat surface. Pound the meat lengthwise and then crosswise for best tenderizing.


The porterhouse cut is usually a very tender cut of beef. The strip side is usually not as tender of course as the filet (smaller side). You don't usually need to pound or tenderize this cut but for some reason, these steaks I've had in the freezer aren't as tender as usual. Meats are grown so quickly these days and aren't as tender as they once were. So, I'm pounding,
I have a meat mallet that I use regularly, but today Mama was on my mind and this is how she did it!

This isn't the porterhouse shown above but a ribeye we had recently (I didn't pound it)

I forgot to take a picture of the finished steak. Sorry, on this day I was preoccupied. It was our wedding anniversary so I was busy preparing a special meal. 

That reminds me is your husband retired?  If so does he visit and take a seat in the kitchen while you cook? Mine sure does and I think maybe that's what a lot of others do as well.

Funny memory
My grandmama Cora once told me while we were driving somewhere, she waited until she got away from the house to say it.  She was one precious beautiful lady and this was one of the worse things I ever remember her saying. (and it's not bad)  "Dolly, I'll tell you something now please don't say I've said it. Your granddaddy thinks he has to put his feet under the kitchen table three times a day!" She even made a pan of biscuits three times a day! Grandpa was as 'thin as a rail' so skinny.  I don't see how!

Ladies the old saying must be true: 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'

What do you think is in this pot?

It's a whole chicken with some chopped onions and pieces of celery that were in the fridge. I threw in some whole peppercorns too.  Covered with water, because we will need the broth.

What will I make? I'm not sure but maybe: chicken bog, chicken salad, chicken for casseroles, or maybe even chicken soup. (naw not today).  There are many uses for cooked chicken but today it can cook alone.  I won't be in the kitchen watching this slow cooker cook!

Hey! I was up at 4:30 this morning making a cup of coffee so why not put a crock pot or two on to do my cooking for today! I decided while I was at it why not put another pot to work.  So I did!

This is a small crock-pot. I had one pound of fresh green beans so that is what's inside this one.

Wash, and snap the beans.  Put into the pot, and add just enough water to be level with the beans.  Add a pinch or two of salt and some fat if you like.  I added about half a teaspoon of bacon grease. Cover and cook.  

This little pot only cooks on one level and that is high. It has been the best little helper and I've had it for over 18 years!  I used to take it to work at JC Penneys when we had parties.  We loved to eat and as a supervisor, we ate a lot! 😉  The store manager always had an invitation to the break room along with other associates. Told you I loved to cook!

Finished pre-cook
Now to cool the broth strain fat from the top
Season and make a meal

Gardening Tip

See these eggshells, some have x marks. I had a broody hen in the nest but she was disturbed by none other than my Chuck. She became non-broody after that encounter, so hence the egg shells with an x on them. I'm not throwing them away!


Start saving your eggshells before planting the vegetable garden. Add them while planting your tomato plants. Crush them and put them into each hole dug while planting the tomatoes.

They have lots of calcium and help to illuminate 'blossom end rot'.  Do you know last year I had none and this was one of the reasons!

We love our fresh tomatoes around here! These MiracleGro AeroGardens have definitely been used in our home! Having to wait to plant is torture!  I can't wait to get them in the ground to grow and produce!

Look at the basil, cucumbers, and squash in these containers! I removed them from the AeroGardens and they're ready to go outside to toughen up and be planted.

Have a great weekend!
I have some soccer games to watch
The weather appears to be favorable!


  1. I never heard of tenderizing meat with a plate. How cool! I always use two forks together and pound them.
    Your tomatoes look great!!

    1. I never heard of the two forks, that's great to know! Thank you Lisa. I can't wait to get those plants in the ground!

  2. You sure are a hard-working lady. Last Summer I got sick and also got 'sick & tired' of cooking. Found out we could get Meals-on-Wheels even tho we didn't quality for the free meals. We pay because we are old and sick, not indigent. Those meals plus lots of eating out have changed my life. I'll just enjoy meal prep through recipe blogs and TV cooking shows. We still eat well (too well) - Old age isn't all bad!

    I remember my mother tenderizing round steak with a powdered tenderizing rub and the edge of a saucer used to pound and break-up tough meat. Her 'country-fried' steak was delicious. Home cooks like you & my Mom sure are creative and ingenious.

    1. Hi Eileen! Great to hear from you. I'm sorry you were so sick. I'm so glad the Meals-on-Wheels were there to help. That is wonderful! It isn't all bad, I'll agree. Ohh that is a sweet memory I'm glad it wasn't just my mother that did that! Wish we could have some of their country fried steak again, don't you? You take care.