Mar 20, 2023

Steamed Cabbage: Simple Beginner Recipe

Cabbage is one of the most understated vegetables around.  It seems we take it for granted.  They're readily available all year!  Did you know that cabbage is very healthy for you? Well, it is.  Today's post is about cooking cabbage.

Easy Steamed Cabbage

Steamed With Water

1 cabbage chopped or sliced *see below

1/4 to 1/2 cup water (depending on how much cabbage you have) cabbage if cooked on lower heat will make it's own liquid but until you learn that use a touch of water.

2 large pinches salt

optional a few pinches of black pepper


Wash the cabbage. 
Cut or Slice the Cabbage

Great video here shows you how to cut or slice

  • Cut or Slice the cabbage carefully; Take the hard center core out or start slicing cutting around core. You can do that easy enough if you start cutting into your cabbage.  You will see the core so you can just cut it out.  Slice or chop the cabbage so it will cook easily.  You can cut into wedges or slice it thinly the choice is yours. 
  • Cook in frying pan medium heat 3-5 minutes then turn the heat down to simmer cover for 5 minutes - 10 minutes. *You don't have to cover the pan if you want your cabbage to keep the dark green color.*
  • Optional: Add any oil or fat of your choice and heat through.  Taste and add more seasoning if needed. 
  • Check for tenderness and don't overcook because the cabbage will become mushy.

I had a sweet older strawberry customer years ago.  She talked about cooking cabbage.  We grew cabbage and yellow squash as well as berries for a season or two. She said to me "Why you cook your cabbage in water girl?  Don't you know them thangs is best steamed down with some pork fat and no water?"

Cabbage Cooked In Meat/Fats Recipe
Another Cooking Method if you want to add the meat/fats for flavoring

Cabbage Fried ( Cooked Down In Pork Fat or Olive Oil even with a little butter)

  • Fry 3 - 4 pieces of bacon or washed and dried fat back over medium to medium-low heat. Remove or leave the meat in your choice.
  • Or you can use olive oil to coat/cover the bottom of the frying pan.
  • Wash and slice your wet cabbage put it into the pan after adding fat bring it to a slow boil and cover.
  • Turn down the heat to medium-low for about 5 minutes. Lift the lid and stir the cabbage continuing to cook until crisp-tender.  There you have it cooked down cabbage in fat.

This Lady Shows a meat fat cooked way

Jacques Pepin cooks braised cabbage in a video here .  I love to watch this chef.
Cabbage is a delicious sometimes overlooked vegetable.  It is usually readily available most of the year and is actually pretty healthy for you depending on how you cook it. It is high in vitamin C vitamin K and fiber. It may improve heart health, support digestion, and decrease inflammation. read more here

It is one of the easiest vegetables to prepare and cooks fairly quickly.  Taste test for crisp tenderness.  You won't want mushy cabbage.  Season and eat.  Depending on the cabbage, how you slice and cook it the time may differ.  Be ready to eat pretty soon after cooking.  It isn't very good cold unless you make slaw of course.
I grew a few different varieties of cabbage last year
The varmits and myself really enjoyed the tender crops! 😊

We like it steamed and love it in Cole Slaw

Cabbage is one of the easiest vegetables to fix
It is quickly cooked 
Easy to season to your liking
Fix this nutritional vegetable 

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